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AD&D™ 1E Spell Scroll Generator

Generating spell scrolls can be a bit tedious. The lists of spell usually do not fit easily generated numbers. One could use an online dice roller that isn't limited by physical geometry. Or you could just select a few options below, poke a button and have a scroll generated to fit your needs.

Scroll Type: Spell Count:
Min Level: Max Level: Class Types:



Notes and Variations:

  • Uses the tables from Unearthed Arcaana for spell lists.
  • Class type is only meaningful if the Scroll Type is set to Random.
  • Count is the number of spells to generate for the scroll. Max is 20.
  • Illusionist scrolls show up as 10% of Mage Scrolls.
  • Druid scrolls occur as 25% of Cleric scrolls.
  • Cleric, Druid, and Illusionist scrolls are capped at level 7 spells.

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