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Tarot of Many Things

The Tarot of Many things is an expanded Deck of Many Things that appeared in Dragon Magazine #77 by Michael J. Lowrey. The Tarot expands the Deck of Many Things into a complete set of tarot cards including the use of reversed cards. This incarnation is a close approximation of Lowrey's work. No state keeping is kept between sequential rolls so repeats and disappearance of the deck should be tracked by the game master if the results are used in actual game play.

Like the original article, this generator uses results inline with the AD&D 1st Edition system. Dungeon master's making use of other rule system's should tailor the results appropriately. Several cards refer to the original article; DM's should be prepared with the appropriate information if this generator is used in live play.

Tiles to Draw:

Wheel of Fortune What will you draw?