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Manmade Feature Name Generator

Utilizing data from the USGS Board of Geographic Names, the manmade geographic feature name generator contains thousands of entries across 25 categories of human built elements. For naturally occuring feature names, try the Natural Feature Name Generator.

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Feature Class descriptions as detailed by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.

Feature Description
Airport Manmade facility maintained for the use of aircraft (airfield, airstrip, landing field, landing strip).
Bridge Manmade structure carrying a trail, road, or other transportation system across a body of water or depression (causeway, overpass, trestle).
Building A manmade structure with walls and a roof for protection of people and (or) materials, but not including church, hospital, or school.
Canal Manmade waterway used by watercraft or for drainage, irrigation, mining, or water power (ditch, lateal).
Cemetery A place or area for burying the dead (burial, burying ground, grave, memorial garden).
Census A statistical area delineated locally specifically for the tabulation of Census Bureau data (census designated place, census county division, unorganized territory, various types of American Indian/Alaska Native statistical areas). Distinct from Civil and Populated Place.
Channel Linear deep part of a body of water through which the main volume of water flows and is frequently used as aroute for watercraft (passage, reach, strait, thoroughfare, throughfare).
Church Building used for religious worship (chapel, mosque, synagogue, tabernacle, temple).
Civil A political division formed for administrative purposes (borough, county, incorporated place, municipio, parish, town, township). Distinct from Census and Populated Place.
Crossing A place where two or more routes of transportation form a junction or intersection (overpass, underpass).
Dam Water barrier or embankment built across the course of a stream or into a body of water to control and (or) impound the flow of water (breakwater, dike, jetty).
Harbor Sheltered area of water where ships or other watercraft can anchor or dock (hono, port, roads, roadstead).
Hospital Building where the sick or injured may receive medical or surgical attention (infirmary).
Levee Natural or manmade embankment flanking a stream (bank, berm).
Locale Place at which there is or was human activity; it does not include populated places, mines, and dams (battlefield, crossroad, camp, farm, ghost town, landing, railroad siding, ranch, ruins, site, station, windmill).
Military Place or facility used for various aspects of or relating to military activity.
Mine Place or area from which commercial minerals are or were removed from the Earth; not including oilfield (pit, quarry, shaft).
Oilfield Area where petroleum is or was removed from the Earth.
Park Place or area set aside for recreation or preservation of a cultural or natural resource and under some form of government administration; not including National or State forests or Reserves (national historical landmark, national park, State park, wilderness area).
Populated Place Place or area with clustered or scattered buildings and a permanent human population (city, settlement, town, village). A populated place is usually not incorporated and by definition has no legal boundaries. However, a populated place may have a corresponding "civil" record, the legal boundaries of which may or may not coincide with the perceived populated place. Distinct from Census and Civil classes.
Post Office An official facility of the U.S. Postal Service used for processing and distributing mail and other postal material.
Reserve A tract of land set aside for a specific use (does not include forests, civil divisions, parks).
Reservoir Artificially impounded body of water (lake, tank).
School Building or group of buildings used as an institution for study, teaching, and learning (academy, college, high school, university).
Tower A manmade structure, higher than its diameter, generally used for observation, storage, or electronic transmission.
Trail Route for passage from one point to another; does not include roads or highways (jeep trail, path, ski trail).
Tunnel Linear underground passageway open at both ends.