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What the heck is this place?

Good question. Mithril & Mages is a playground. A playground of bits of code providing random results. Chaos reigns supreme. If I find a chunk of interesting data, said data will become a random utility. Occasionally, I stumble across something interesting or have a thought worth writing about. Usually, the two blend together; assimilating into an entity with little in common with the origins.

Many claim a site should have a singular, clear focus. Not happening. The site is mine. I pay for the hosting so can choose to be as focused as I want. Chaos is good enough.

Who am I?

Mark. Native and currently residing in the state of Colorado. Still stuck in the greater Denver area but looking to escape at the first sign of a zombie hoard. Okay, the second sign. I write software for a living. Said software is generally embedded applications for autonomous robotic vehicles. Since 1999, I have not written a single line of web related code that was actually used for a company.

I hunt and fish. Unfortunately, I do not get to do either enough to avoid the occasional rant. When I'm not hunting or fishing, I dabble in brewing beer and smoking large chunks of meat. Vegetarians would run in horror at the meals I prepare. Alas, I haven't scared any vegetarians lately.

I also game. I prefer table top role-playing games but also play online. Gaming is an irregular hobby I should spend more time on. Due to the irregularity of my gaming, I create minor web applications related too the hobby. Some are useful. Some are a bit crazed. Still, they are mine and I enjoy the creative nature of producing them as much as I enjoy seeing others using them.

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