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Welcome to Mithril & Mages - an assortment of RPG utilities.

The bulk of the utilities currently target the Labyrinth Lord system Several others are system agnostic.

The focus on utility software is by design. I find them useful during game preparation to quickly assemble the minor components on the fly. No matter the vitrol tossed at random anything, random generation is quite useful for sparking the imagination. Anything aiding the creative process is useful.

Labyrinth Lord

If you are in need of treasure generation, you can select either the by hoard class generator or generate a book of treasure covering all hoard classes and unprotected treasure. Should you need an individual spell scroll that is available as well. Perhaps you need a spellbook found as treasure? No problem.

On the monster front, several options are available. If you already know what creature you want to use but don't want to scribble down the statistics, the monster generator produces quick and simple stat blocks along with treasure. Cut and paste, adjust to fit, and you are done. Alternatively, you may need to fill in a few rooms in your dungeon but are unsure what to use or just want some wandering options. The monster stocker produces a variety of creatures based on labyrinth level. It even features NPC generation, which you can also use standalone to produce individuals with a fair amount of detail.

Other Utilities

Many of us suck at coming up with names. I do. So I put together several name related resources. For people, you can choose between modern or medieval names. The underlying data is based on real names from actual sources. Not adhoc attempts to clobber a bunch of text together. While I enjoy roleplaying, I like realistic names so the results are just as useful for writers.
If you need a career for a person, the occupation generator allows either random or drill down selection. Again, it is based off real data as is the business type utility, which is helpful if you want to know what businesses are nearby. The city name generator, especially the U.S. data, is a great way to spark a name for a locale. Other countries are present as well.

Additionally, there are some ramblings on the roleplaying world as a whole under the blog.

Enjoy your stay. If something is broken, please let me know.