Kickstarter for Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.’s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter

Aug 2, 2015
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Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter is quite a mouthful.

The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter is Ernest Gary Gygax, Jr.’s project to bring his Hobby Shop Dungeon campaign setting into print/publication. The origins of the setting began in 1978 when Ernie was working in the Lake Geneva Dungeon Hobby Shop as a clerk. The project is a product of GP Adventures, a partnership between E.G.G. Jr. and Benoist Poiré.

The initial funding goal of $20,000 was hit in under two days. Three additional stretch goals have been hit since then including an expanded crypt map, cover art by Jeff Easley and a science fiction customization pack featuring James Spawn (of White Star fame). The next stretch goal, if hit, will feature rules conversion for both Dungeons and Dragons 5E and Pathfinder.

The project has really ramped up my nostalgia. The height of my gaming was during the 1E AD&D era, which is the default rule set for the modules and expansions. It will be easy to play for my gaming crew as a series of adventures or toss into an ongoing campaign.

I’m really looking forward to the results of the project. I’ve been gun shy of Kickstarters for over a year due to a number of failures. I backed this project based on a several factors: 1) Most of the writing is already complete. 2) Much of the cartography is completed. 3) Nostalgia / E.G.G., Jr. 4) Stretch goals keep inline with the core of the project instead of superfluous bits and pieces.

#1 and #4 are the keys. The project does have several add-ons that are superfluous but they aren’t key the project’s core. I don’t see anything on the list that would derail the project overall.

The timing of the project launch was curious since it aligned with GenCon. The initial surge of backing has faded but consistently increases. Most project’s would have steered clear of GenCon since many gamers spend a fair bit of expendable income for the month at the convention rather than backing projects. Gygax and Poiré were confident in the time and they have not been wrong.

Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.'s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter -- Kicktraq Mini

The creators are class acts. They have publicly thanked backers at the $1 level for support. Additionally, they are resolute in keeping some products of the project only available to high dollar backers instead of diluting the original project as it exceeds expectations. I admire them for both takes.

March 2016 should be pretty awesome.

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