Generator & Utility Resources

Master list of all the utilities available on Mithril & Mages.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

1E Treasure Book
Generate a complete PDF of unique treasure results on the fly.
1E Treasure Generator
Quick and simple treasure generation by treasure type, magic type, or random magic and maps.
1E Spell Scroll Generator
Generate spell scrolls. Enough said.

Labyrinth Lord

Hoard/Treasure Generator
Quick and easily generate hoard classes
Monster Stat Blocks
Bare bones stat and treasure block generation for monsters.
Monster Stocker
Generate lists of stockable creatures by level based initially on the tables from Oubliette #6.
NPC Generator
Generate fast NPC groups based on level and count.
Spell Book Generator
Random spell book generation to aid in treasure generation or to equip non player characters.
Spell Scroll Generator
Simple spell scroll generation. Originally design to aid the hoard generator but useful as a stand-alone application.
Treasure Book Generator
Need a lot of results or just a reference booklet to issue treasure for a random encounter? This utility generates a PDF reference book covering all hoard classes.
Treasure Book of the Day
Identical to the generation utility but you don’t have to wait for the PDF to output. Generated nightly with 100 results for each hoard class.
Treasure By Level
As specified by Appendix A in the Dungeon Masters Guide for AD&D but uses Labyrinth Lord magic items..
Deck of Many Things
A little fun with the deck people love to hate.

Modern RPG Resources

Business Types
A drill-down system allowing exploration of hundreds of business types based on the United States business classification system.
Name Generator
Randomly generate as many modern names as you need. Uses U.S. census data under the hood for name rarity.
Job Titles
Another drill-down utility providing listings for hundreds of job titles based on the U.S. job classification system.
City Block Generator
A test-case generation system for randomly populating businesses along any city block. The underpinnings are based on the business types mentioned above along with a light-weight zoning system.
City/Town Name Generator
General city/town name generation based on actual locations within the world. Allows selection by country/region to allow precise naming style. Could be used for medieval/fantasy generation by selecting countries from Europe and other regions with historical civilizations.


Dice Roller
Yet another online dice roller.
Medieval Name Generator
Yet another medieval name generator targeted toward fantasy role playing games.
Esoteric Creature Generator
Generator for The Random Esoteric Creature Generator work from Goodman Games.
NPC Generator for ROTWORLD
Aggregation generator focused on human survivors for the ROTWORLD system.