AD&D™ 1st Edition

Random Generators for the RPG System by E. Gary Gygax and Others.

Character Attributes

Generate PC attributes based on one of several options.

NPC Generation

A beta attempt at 1E characters that needs more work.

Spell Scrolls

Random spell scrolls.

Tarot of Many Things

The expanded Deck of Many Things from Dragon #77.

Treasure Generation

Fast, dependable treasure generation.

Treasure Book

A full PDF of treasure by random rolls.

BareBones™ Fantasy

Adventure Idea Generator

Throw sense to the wind and generate an adventure idea.

Non Player Characters

Need a quick NPC or perhaps a fast pregenerated character?.

Dungeons & Dragons™ 5E

Treasure Generation

Automated generation of both individual and hoard types by challenge rating.

Treasure Book on Demand

Automated generation of a PDF booklet containing treasure results for all treasure categories.

Deck of Many Things

Randomly draw cards from the Deck of Many Things.

Labyrinth Lord™

Random Generators for the RPG System designed by Daniel Proctor.

Deck of Many Things

Pleasure and pain intermingle in this classic magic item.

Monster Generation

Quick stat blocks for most monsters.

Monster Mangler

Reskin classic monsters with new horrific, esoteric abilities and features.

Monster Stocker

Fast, dependable monster stocking based on labyrinth level.

NPC Generator

Rapidly generate single or multiple NPCs.

Spell Books

Random spell book creation for treasure stocking or game characters.

Spell Scrolls

Randomly generate spell scrolls based on class and level.

Treasure by Hoard Class

Create treasure lists by individual hoard class.

Treasure By Level (LL + DMG)

A mix of treasure creation by dungeon level based on data in Labyrinth Lord and AD&D 1st Edition Dungeon Master's Guide.

Treasure Book on Demand (PDF)

Create a full PDF document of random treasure hoards organized by Hoard Class.