Gatherings: Fall Convergence / B&BBQ

Mar 15, 2012
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Tentative date for the Fall Convergence is now slated for September 28th-30th. Although interest was present for a spring event, schedules and life didn’t allow for a gathering. Should be a good time even after a protracted delay. More news to follow once the group and gaming ideas are determined. Given the attendees, we’ll be headed back to Mount Evans if the location is available. Two fly-ins plus two locals make it Colorado oriented for this gathering.

The inaugural date for the Brew & BBQ gathering is occurring on April 13th. I will be hosting the event to demo my all-grain brewing set up. Considering I’ve only used it once, it should be an interesting day. Four individuals will be attending in addition to me with one planning on cooking ribs for the day while we brew up a batch of beer. Brewing, BBQ, and Bullshitting all in one day. Should be an excellent day.

Strangely both dates were set quickly. Convergence took 3 emails and a phone call. Couple more invites will go out for the Fall. Low probability those individuals can attend but its worth an email. B&BBQ took a single email and four replies. No cat herding involved. I like that.

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