Snagged: Drinking Quest

Feb 6, 2012

I was hooked after reading the review of Drinking Quest over at Troll in the Corner. An RPG intermixed with enjoying a drink or two? I couldn’t resist. The premise seems perfect for evening sessions at Convergence or for a fun game at any party.

The game includes saving throws, which sucks for the guy who cannot make a saving throw. Okay, he makes one on rare occasion. So rarely it calls for some sort of celebration. Imagine an NFL touch down dance done by a gamer type. Not necessarily pretty but damn entertaining.

Plus I love the artwork and the naming of cards: Killer Buzz, Hungover Goblin, etc. Shades of Munchkin style coupled with drinking and an RPG flavor will please my compatriot islander.

Hopefully the rules are simpler than the last foray into a drinking card game. Not to mention more enjoyable than the catastrophe of an RPG session using cards played previously. I suspect it will be far more entertaining.

Hopefully it will arrive before I depart for VisionCon. My confidence is not high given the order notification: It will ship within a day or two and should take about 1 – 4 weeks for delivery depending on your distance from Toronto. Quick processing of the order but now its in the hands of the shipping gods. Here’s to being pleasantly surprised…

Drinking Quest is available at for $25.



  • Next Convergence!!!!!
    Are there blanks so we can write our own cards? I gotta few ideas.

    • It didn’t mention blank cards. I’ll let you know when I receive it….