Spring Beckons, Hops Call

Jan 5, 2011

What could it be?

Brewing, my friends, is not wife friendly but the sweet smell of hops in my house can only mean one thing….. Get ready.



  • Oh yeah, Randi, you need to buy me a wort chiller.

  • Homebrewing was the one hobby I gave up that my wife said I should keep. I brewed for about 15 years.

    It’s fun, educational and has the fringe benefit of beer!

  • What kind of wort chiller do you want? Just popped over to Ebay and they run $125 to $25 and I don’t have a clue what would be best. Take a gander, let me know, and I will buy you a wort chiller. Rule #6: Keep the Brew Master Happy! hehe

  • @Stu: You are one lucky fellow. Brewing is a lot of fun.

    @Randall: Totally kidding bud. Would be nice but it isn’t crucial for the limited amounts I brew.

  • Just transferred batch #1 into the secondary fermenter. Tastes pretty good. Not quite as dark as I expected.

  • Mmmhmm. Rush to judgement. If I could judge by looks and pre-sampling, this batch is going to be tasty.