Seventh Sanctum Data Archive

Jan 13, 2024
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Many of my users also frequent Seventh Sanctum. The site has an astonishing amount of cool random generators which I completely love. His ability has exceeded mine and I’m in his debt for many inspirations. As life progresses, he’s not certain he’ll be able to continue maintenance on the site (I’m in the same boat). As such he’s generously released his archive of data to anyone and everyone. That’s great. I’ll be saddened if the site disappears but life continues.

The archived data is also now available on github for posterity. I’m not going to fiddle with his data. It’s just a backup of the archive he’s generously released. As with all our approaches, it seems his has changed a time or two for the better. It’s always hard to find time to fix the older materials when you always have a grand new plan.

Thanks so much Steve for all the efforts over the years. You’re a legend in the random generator world and the release of the data is amazing.

Data is also here

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