Convergence 2014

Sep 22, 2014

The 2014 venture into the Colorado Rockies is complete. The event was once again held at the base of Mount Evans at 10,000 feet in the University of Denver Alpine Field station. Holding the event at altitude is not without risk — one of our five participants had regular touches of altitude sickness. Nothing major but it did sideline him on occasion but never progressed to the point I needed to haul him back the thicker air of the Denver area.

We had five participants this year from 3 states. Three of the five flew in prior to the event. Role playing games were slim as I failed to prepare anything prior due to other responsibilities. So card games were the name of the game for most of the weekend — Magic, Munchkin and Drinking Quest.

The newest participant, Garrett, ran the one RPG over two sessions. He used the Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG with the players involved in an alternate modern fantasy environment. It was odd. It was strange. It was a heck of a lot of fun even if it wasn’t what I expected.

Many thanks to all the guys who always make the weekend enjoyable. Glad you could come up and looking forward to 2015. I may have to invest in a oxygen bottle.



  • Yeppers, another great time at Convergence! I truly love going up, relaxing, forgetting about the daily grind, drinking some ice cold brews, and laughing my rear off! My hats off to all for making it something special every time!! Thanks again Mark, for setting it up for us and getting all the cats herded in one direction, however temporarily! We even had a 4 star chef this go around! I definitely was a little nervous about BESM at first, but I had a blast playing the most defective character in the group! Do not PO the little Cuban chica! ROLL TIDE!!!! {WEG}

    • Cat herding is always in the cards for these events. It is always difficult to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. The initial pain pays off in spades. Each and everyone shows up wanting to have a good time and doing there best to make that happen without an agenda. ROLL TIDE!