Alright, gentlemen, let’s game.

Sep 23, 2012

Four days. That’s how long I have to wait to see good friends again and undertake as much gaming as we wish for a long weekend. Convergence is here yet again. The last one was a bit chaotic but this one just has a good vibe.

Everyone involved just wants to have a good time. The pattern of always trying to do something new is no longer present. Also absent is the need to jack cock around with scheduling for the sake of self importance. We can just be people having a good time without the need to one-up one another. No need for fanciful stories or chests drummed up derived from delusions of grandeur. Just people. Gaming. Cooking. Sipping It’s Only Vodka.

We may play a lot of RPGs or we may play a few. It really does not matter. The decision of what we play is out of my hands as it always has been. As long as we’re all having fun, the weekend will rock. When I fail, we’ll chuckle about it and move along. I will fail. I know that already.

I must tip my hat to my long time players. Wheels and Randall, you make games worth running. You arrive with no expectations, bring high energy, and drive games where you want them to be. The effort is noted and applauded.


  • IT IS only vodka.
    Gutshaker Beyotches!!!!!!

    • Yep, usually in your case it is only vodka all over the bathroom walls! hehe

    • I am LMAO!