Drinking Quest 2 – Yeddy Vedders Yeti Adventure

Sep 4, 2012
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Settle back, grab a cocktail and prepare yourself for this epic non-review. That’s right slackers, I’m not going to review this product because I just received it in the mail but its too good not to share right away.

Drinking Quest 2 – Yeddy Vedders Yeti Adventure


DQ2 is the stand-alone sequel to DQ1 featuring a new set of 4 quests to explore. Where can you get it? At drinkingquest.com, of course! How much it costs is entirely dependent on the location of your favorite tavern in the world. Too obtuse? $25 Canadian + shipping to your part of the world.

So, what do you get other than the sequel version to the world’s greatest drinking RPG? Same stuff you got in DQ1 with new, cool quests to play — 4 Hero’s, 4 Special Abilities, 4 Quests of 12 cards each along with a summary card for each Quest, a quick rules card, and the quick card for the weapons/armor/items shop.

The essence of the game remains the same. The quality of the cards is much better – these are well cut without the annoying nubs on the original copy of DQ1 I purchased. The cards are the quality you expect from a mass producer; not a small card game company. Well done, DQ, well done.

The four quests in DQ2 are 1) Den of the Cat People, 2) City of Cheer, 3) Leprechaun Party and 4) Minotaur’s Maze Tavern. Each and every one of the new quests depicts a party atmosphere. As the heroes you will need to find some yeti eggs and progress from there. Yep, I drank some beer, double checked, had a shot, and triple checked. The yeti seem to be egg laying mother of gods beasts of doom. Quadruple check. Still yeti eggs. I wonder if Denny’s would whip one into an omelet if I brought it by? Probably not but I may call them to check.

Who can I play?

Fine, I’ll mention the heroes but you should really be a) buying the game or 2) out buying booze in preparation. The four heroes you can play are Yeddy Vedder donning his Yeti Sweater, Hilda Muckracker rocking the ability to Flirt for Tips, Chuglox ready to Tap the Keg, and John Bellow pondering tossing some Homeless Napalm. The napalm allows John — gotcha! I’m not revealing that. Chuglox’s Tap the Keg forces people to drink with a special bonus for belching.

Pros & Cons

Pro – Four new fantastic quests.
Pro – A completely standalone game not a booster pack to the original.
Pro – Fantastic card quality.

Con – I don’t have 3 others to play the game with right now.
Con – Does not come with a bottle of aged whiskey.
Con – Guy in a bright orange jumpsuit running down the road looking for a ride.
Con – I haven’t seen the game authors or publishers on Google+ yet.

A long winded monologue

DQ2 is what all small card game publishers should strive for — quality cards, excellent packaging, and a complete, easy to use product right out of the box. The improvement of the card quality between the original DQ1 and DQ2 is awesome. Nice job, folks. I have not even opened the new copy of DQ1 yet but I suspect it is just as well done.

As for the art, it is the same top shelf B&W quality I expected after DQ1. Clean, well presented in a professional layout on the cards. No signs of amateurs doing it themselves. Merely a clean, complete package from the box through the game itself. Well f’ing done.

Both DQ1 and DQ2 will be packed for Convergence ’12, where they will get played, mocked, and played again. With any luck, they will avoid the epic It’s Only Vodka moment. If I return, I will write a proper review.


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