Several months ago, we posted our assertion that modern role-playing games weren't really converted wargames after all, and it met with pushback given that  D&D billed itself as rules for fantastic medieval wargames, and that the hobby's pioneers were all wargamers and simulationist of some stripe. And they made some valid points, so we'll soften our position very slightly (but not by much) to (re)stress the obvious:  Role-playing is undeniably linked to wargaming, and to say otherwise ignores the essential elements of its history. But it would also be a huge mistake (and factually wrong) to assume that Wesely simply converted his Napoleonic game to a man-to-man scale. Or that modern role-playing represents a neat (and linear) progression from wargame to RPG when, in fact, he needed to step away from wargaming to create Braunstein; the hobby's precursor. Braunstein was a game. But was it a wargame? That's at the heart of the matter, because games, simulations, and wargames overlap considerably...

The Braunstein Experiment: Wesely Weighs In...

Tue 29 August 2017 by Olde House Rules from Pits Perilous

Last week we talked about how

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#RPGaDAY: Which RPGs Are The Easiest For You To Run?

Tue 22 August 2017 by Tim Knight from HeroPress

As should be becoming obvious from my #RPGaDAY answers this month, my default setting for running games - like so many people - is fantasy and the lingua franca of fantasy gaming is, of course, Dungeons & Dragons.As long as I'm working in a pre-Third Edition universe, I can stat monsters ...

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Miniature Market is Having a Huge Boardgame Sale

Tue 08 August 2017 by modoc31 from Rolling Boxcars

Calling all thrifty gamers! Miniature Market is have a huge clearance sale. The sale began earlier today and included 700+ boardgames! For you wargamers, there were some titles by GMT Games and Decisions that I saw. I think I also recall a title or two from Worthington Games. Go forth ...

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Do you even campaign bro?

Tue 08 August 2017 by Mark Van Vlack from Dust_Pan_Games

When using the term "Campaign" to describe a roleplaying game the phrase"Particular Objective, confined to a particular area" part puts me off. Moreover I think it's just a convenient term held over from the hobbies wargaming roots. What I normally run is not by definition a campaign. There ...

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RPGaDAY #7 - Impactful RPG session

Mon 07 August 2017 by David Dolph from Big Ball of No Fun

What was your most impactful RPG session? 

My first interpretation of "impactful" is one wherein there was a session with great immersion or that altered by perceptions of RPGs in general. However, I have to say that no such thing has happened at my tables (though I have seen it ...

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