Foreshadowing through Nightmares…

Mon 28 August 2017 by Rodney Sloan from STUFFER SHACK

You’ve got a big boss fight lined up. You want it to be scary as hell, with the players fearing for their character’s lives, while still invested enough to take on the beast. Any player who has glanced at the Bestiary or Monster Manual probably isn’t going to be amazed when you drop a description

Numenera Discover Your Destiny Sale

Mon 28 August 2017 by Charles Ryan from Monte Cook Games

At Gen Con we announced two new corebooks for Numenera: Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny. (These titles will have a Kickstarter in September, and will be out next summer—you can read all about them in our official announcement.) Today we’re launching the Numenera Discover Your Destiny sale on ...

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Imperial Quest

Sun 27 August 2017 by Nick Wright from Lawful Indifferent

I got my hands on RPG Maker MV and I've been having a little bit of fun with it. By default, it's set up to let you make a fairly traditional JRPG, but honestly I've never been much of a JRPG fan. I get lost wandering around ...

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#RPGADAY2017 - Day 26

Sat 26 August 2017 by Justin Isaac from Halls of the Nephilim

Day 26: What RPG provides the most useful resources?

I thought about this one a bit longer than others because I wanted to really think about what "useful" means.  I'm going to give this one to All Flesh Must Be Eaten. This is because you can use the sourcebooks ...

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Freaking Out: My ENnies Award Post! (Seriously, Yikes...)

Fri 25 August 2017 by Lowell Francis from Age of Ravens

A few weeks ago I hit another milestone for Age of Ravens: 1200 posts. Assuming an average of 1500-1800 per post, that’s a lot of words. If we accept Sturgeon’s Law, that still leaves a decent total of good work. I’ve reread the first few years of ...

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RPG A Day 25: What is the best way to thank your GM?

Thu 24 August 2017 by Mark from RPGKnights

I GM all the time.  The last game I was in as a player must have been near 12 months ago and I only played one session.  I am an

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Let's Make Something Challenging Together

Wed 16 August 2017 by Charles Akins from DYVERS

The more that I've thought about creating a 30 Day Challenge list the more that I've become serious about actually doing it; and after my little rant yesterday a few friends stopped by the blog, got me on twitter, and on Google + to tell me that they'd ...

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Kevin Crawford (Stars Without Number) Did an AMA on Reddit - Interesting piece on Free vs PWYW

Mon 14 August 2017 by Erik Tenkar from Tenkar's Tavern

I'm an infrequent visitor to Reddit. I find it difficult to navigate and finding value is often a needle in a haystack route. Thankfully, someone else follows closer than me, and I found this link last week on Google Plus:

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Things that Shouldn't Need to Be Said, Part 1: Gaming Inclusiveness

Mon 07 August 2017 by Charles Akins from DYVERS

Of late I've noticed this trend going through my social media circles where role-playing enthusiasts feel the need to make statements like, "Gaming should be inclusive," as though such a statement were some monumental comment that took a lot of courage to make.

It isn't.

Gaming absolutely should ...

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