RMA: Sprites

Tue 29 August 2017 by Bighara from Echoes from the Geekcave

I think that sprites are seldom used because they often viewed as more of a nuisance than an encounter. While it's true they are pretty harmless in combat, I think that they could make for a very interesting roleplaying encounter and/or noncombat challenge. What's strange to me is that these little ones can appear as wandering monsters in a dungeon environment (level 1). Perhaps it's not too far underground for them? They mostly appear near rivers, in woods, and in non-urban inhabited areas. While I feel these are largely unimportant in this case, let's have the stats, shall we? HD: 1/2 (1d4 hp) Move: 60' (20') Flying: 180' (60') Att: 1 spell No, where the sprites are most interesting is in their curse ability and their attitude.

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