This is an in-depth and highly detailed look at the Secret Society, Cult of the Black Pharaoh, which was featured in our 99 Cent Adventure Cult of the Black Pharaoh. On the next few pages, you will find all the information on this cult, including ideology, motto, goals, and leadership so you can incorporate this Secret Society into your campaign.

RPGaDay2017 #19

Sat 19 August 2017 by Michael Wenman from Observations of the Fox

In certain circles, I'm hearing Blades in the Dark for this...but it's the new hotness, so that's to be expected. A couple of years ago, I'm sure everyone would have said Apocalypse World because it was oh so edgy with its over-use of expletives. In ...

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Gormunt - Human Beggar - D&D 5e

Thu 17 August 2017 by Unknown from Dungeons and Dragons Classics Newest Items

Gormunt, the local leader of the Society of Beseaching Men, is a beggar who has a firm grip on the local leadership. He looks and acts like the town drunk, but if anyone is in the know about all the dirty little secrets, its him. 

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Something to go with Blackjack

Tue 08 August 2017 by Unknown from Dungeons & Dragons Classics Newest Items

In this 10 Minute Sidequest your characters meet an aged Aasimar woman whose employees are moonlighting. She'd like you to encourage them to come back to work full time, the competition is only hurting everyone. How will your Players react when they figure out what this semi-divine old lady ...

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