August Seventeenth (Still About As Belated) Prompt: Which RPG Have You Owned The Longest And Not Played? Oy. I’ve been collecting RPGs since the late 1970s. At this point, even if I had a team of gamers at my beck …

Announcement - Mark Rein-Hagen Joins Vampire 5e Dev Team

Sun 20 August 2017 by Erik Tenkar from Tenkar's Tavern

This was announced yesterday on the

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Fractional Pursuits To Focus Attention

Mon 14 August 2017 by Mike Bourke from Campaign Mastery

For the last few weeks I’ve been (occasionally) reading a board-game development blog/newsletter – Brandon the Game Dev for anyone who might be interested – at the invitation of a relatively new twitter contact, @brandongamedev. This week’s post was about playtesting; in it, Brandon wrote, Since people can do ...

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I guess I need to finish it

Thu 10 August 2017 by Michael Wenman from Observations of the Fox

There's a new index of independent RPGs going around...and I'm surprised to actually be included in it this time. It's called

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Improv at the Table (Performance Check 002)

Mon 07 August 2017 by TheTome from The Tome Show

Performance Check is a monthly show focused on how to be better roleplayers. Some shows focus on skills to use at the table to make more interesting and memorable characters that shine. We’ll also be interviewing players from Actual Play podcasts and Twitch streams, learning how they have crafted ...

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