Archworld (or How OD&D Was Made)...

Tue 29 August 2017 by Olde House Rules from Pits Perilous

Yesterday, we talked out manual type as the poor-man's typesetting, and while we rarely post any kind of next-day follow-up, we had to today. I talked a little about local game designers who typed up their rules, photocopied and stapled them, and sold them in Ziploc baggies at the local hobby shop. However, there's also a tradition of semi-professional companies exploiting manual typewriters in place of Letraset Dry-Erase font sheets and/or professional typesetting services, because it's both easier and cheaper to pull off... But I've used Letraset in the printing lab at school and found it to be a tedious pain in the ass compared just typing a page. I mean, if you already know how to type, it's a hell of a lot faster than rubbing out individual characters, especially for something as ambitious as the originalĀ D&D rulebooks. Letraset for covers, maybe. But not the insides.

Deal of the Day - SideQuest Decks: Wilderness & Frontier Fantasy (1.98 PDF / 9.99 Print plus PDF)

Thu 24 August 2017 by Erik Tenkar from Tenkar's Tavern

Inkwell Design

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D&D Beyond: An Unexpected Upside

Wed 23 August 2017 by Mark Craddock from Cross Planes

I spend quite a bit of time with my 3 Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Core books, while making posts here. I love PDFs, actually prefering them to print books these days, but I've had to confine myself to the print products for 5th Edition.

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The Lost Tome: Anniversary Edition

Wed 23 August 2017 by Unknown from Dungeons and Dragons Classics Newest Items

The "Best-Seller"-awarded periodical for 5e, the Lost Tome, has just reached it's 12th monthly printing, and is celebrating by giving discounted copies of all 98 pages (12 editions compiled as one document) for only $2! If you like this work, please download the full version for a monthly ...

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Monstrosities, the S&W Monster Book - Back in Stock in Print - Just 20 Copies

Wed 16 August 2017 by Erik Tenkar from Tenkar's Tavern

Run, don't walk to the Frog God Games Online Store if you want your chance to own a physical copy of the Monstrosities book for Swords & Wizardry. 50 bucks gets you a copy in Print and PDF, but only while stock remains. You can never have too many monsters ...

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Lady Adventurers Paper Miniatures

Tue 08 August 2017 by Unknown from Dungeons & Dragons Classics Newest Items

Six print & play fantasy adventurers to use as PCs or NPCs. This band of lady adventurers is taking up arms to defend the palace or to go on an adventure. Includes characters carrying: Note: These miniatures have the same artwork on the front and back.

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