Mapping the Briars: The Party Meets "Grandmother" Today's game was about 5 hours. The party was using the tools seen here (using mapping, oculars, and magical communication to stay on track, etc.) Musad the genie is still collecting their reports, etc., too. The late Summer weather is much better (if freakin' hot) so travel was a touch easier. Today they played through 6 weeks of game time. In addition to the asps, giant spiders, and rats they encountered: - Many instances of hippogriffs, gryphons, etc. flying by - A tribes of ogres (12 total) fleeing from Ol' Knobby's ambition.

Stonehell: Small Men, Slime, and Flowers

Fri 18 August 2017 by David Brawley from Tower of the Archmage

Eiric, wizard 5 (Kat) Both Eiric and Matthias have relatively staid parties in town, gather everyone up, and head back into the dungeon. A group of the Ghost Beggars nod warrily at them in the Antechamber, but no one seems interested in engaging in either talk or combat. Heading down ...

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Stonehell: Golems, Spiders, and Snakes

Mon 14 August 2017 by David Brawley from Tower of the Archmage

Session 39 was played on 6/13, and was the first session played over video chat. In town, Matthias had some golden fabric fashioned into a golden pirate hat, while Borumar wore his bit as a bandana. Proudly wearing these, the party headed into the dungeon. The head down through ...

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Shattered Star #96: Back into the Light

Mon 07 August 2017 by Creighton Broadhurst from Creighton Broadhurst

At the end of last session, we left our heroes yet trapped in the dungeons below Windsong Abbey. A devilishly trapped set of double doors hindered their escape. After much discussion, Karelia attempted to dispel the magic on the door, but after a couple of complete failures, the party rethought ...

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