Archworld (or How OD&D Was Made)...

Tue 29 August 2017 by Olde House Rules from Pits Perilous

Yesterday, we talked out manual type as the poor-man's typesetting, and while we rarely post any kind of next-day follow-up, we had to today. I talked a little about local game designers who typed up their rules, photocopied and stapled them, and sold them in Ziploc baggies at the local hobby shop. However, there's also a tradition of semi-professional companies exploiting manual typewriters in place of Letraset Dry-Erase font sheets and/or professional typesetting services, because it's both easier and cheaper to pull off... But I've used Letraset in the printing lab at school and found it to be a tedious pain in the ass compared just typing a page. I mean, if you already know how to type, it's a hell of a lot faster than rubbing out individual characters, especially for something as ambitious as the originalĀ D&D rulebooks. Letraset for covers, maybe. But not the insides.

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