RPGaDay2017 #17

Thu 17 August 2017 by Michael Wenman from Observations of the Fox

Which RPG have you owned the longest but not played? Even if I haven't played a specific game, I think I've mined almost everything on my shelves for soe kind of inspiration at least once... ...but I'm sure I'm probably missing something. Let's see... there's a first edition Wraith (dated 1994), with a second edition beside it and a bunch of sourcebooks that I never got around to playing, but they were certainly mined for ideas in other campaigns I've run, even if those ideas only saw influence in minor parts of a fantasy campaign or as crossover elements in a Vampire-Sabbat/Werewolf/Mage chronicle. There's an original AD&D book (1978), but I think I actually picked that up more recently when a housemate moved away and left the book behind. And I have both played a version of D&D, and played an OSR-styled game, so I can't in good conscience say that I haven't played this. Oh...there's a winner.

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