While there are a number of cine-literate members of The Tuesday Knights, and we goof around as much as any group, I don't recall there being a particular 'go-to' film or TV show that we quote from regularly.We've never been ones to rely heavily on the perceived stereotype of constant Monty Python quotes (although I'm sure we've had our fair share along the way).It also depends on the genre

RPGaDay2017 #28

Mon 28 August 2017 by Michael Wenman from Observations of the Fox

What film/series is the biggest source of quotes in your game? Is it too cliched to say "Monty Python"?

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#RPGADAY2017 - Day 28

Mon 28 August 2017 by Justin Isaac from Halls of the Nephilim

Day 28: What film series is the biggest source of quotes in your group?

While gaming the following series or films  have been quoted on multiple occasions:

Star Wars Monty Python and the Holy Grail The Big Lebowski Super Troopers The 13th Warrior The Avengers (mainly the "That's my ...

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