Bones 4: 1 week to go!

Sat 26 August 2017 by David Brawley from Tower of the Archmage

Bones 4 is down to the last week of the kickstarter, and as expected there are a lot of cool minis. This is the $100 core set, and it's still growing. For $100 you're getting minis for about $0.83 each... including the dragon, and the pig with the pumpkin cart! !

Part VI- Repainting the Wood Elf Force- The Dragon Rider

Sat 19 August 2017 by Willmark from Willmark's Darkside Blog

Back after a ton of summer activities with the kids. While all those activities were going on I wasn't complacent in terms of painting. In fact for summertime painting I got quite a bit done.

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I Was Travelling the Planes and I Found Dragons

Sun 13 August 2017 by Joshua Jackson from Tribality

Hello and welcome to the first planar dragons article. This article is planned as the first of a series. In this post I’m presenting the 5e stats for adamantine dragons. Please leave comments below on how to improve this article and I’ll try to take them on board ...

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