Curious Objects: Staff of Command

Tue 29 August 2017 by Bighara from Echoes from the Geekcave

Welcome to the first in a new category of posts on this blog. I've decided to call it "Curious Objects." In these posts, I will take a look at some of the more obscure and/or interesting items in "Classic" (e.g. Basic/Expert) D&D.

So They Thought I was Having a Heart Attack

Sat 26 August 2017 by Charles Akins from DYVERS

The new D&D survey has gone live and it's mostly about new settings for the game to explore. GET YOUR GREYHAWK VOTES IN NOW KIDS! ...

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My game designing story so far - part five

Sat 26 August 2017 by Scott Malthouse from Trollish Delver

For a while I'd been considering giving Halberd an overhaul. I'd gone back time and again with new ideas to update it, but each time I was left cold. I'd been reading a tonne of Dunsany so I thought about how I could integrate some of his ...

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RPGaDAY #25 - How to show appreciation to your DM

Fri 25 August 2017 by David Dolph from Big Ball of No Fun

What is the best way to thank your GM?

Let me count the ways. As I mostly GM I think feel qualified to answer this one. The best is to actually show up and be engaged. Missing multiple weeks for weak reasons or showing up and not paying attention will ...

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Sci-Fi RPG Subplot Idea Generator (for any game system)

Thu 24 August 2017 by Steve Miller from NUELOW Games

Here are a couple tables to randomly generate subplot ideas for your sci-fi campaign. Roll first on

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RPGaDay2017 #22

Tue 22 August 2017 by Michael Wenman from Observations of the Fox

Which RPGs are the easiest for you to run?

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Gencon 2017--It Happened!

Mon 21 August 2017 by Joshua Burnett from Bernie the Flumph

Despite some plot-twists at the beginning, this year was one of the better Gencons I’ve had. One Tuesday, the alternator on my truck went out, turned to a carbonized chunk. This is the third Gencon in a row where I’ve had car problems for Gencon. Last year, our ...

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RPGaDay August 16th

Wed 16 August 2017 by Craig from

16th) Which RPG do you enjoy using as is? I’m not sure there is a single RPG I’ve played where I haven’t wanted to tweak it in some way or another but at the same time I’ve enjoyed using most ‘as is’ and I make it ...

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Vonya’s Span

Wed 16 August 2017 by Creighton Broadhurst from Creighton Broadhurst

The only bridge spanning the Svart, Vonya’s Span—or “the Span” as it is colloquially known—is a prominent city landmark. Comprising three great stone arches, it stands at the point the Svart widens on its journey toward the sea. It marks the spot beyond which ocean-going vessels cannot ...

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Fix: Crunchyroll queue missing on Amazon Fire TV

Thu 10 August 2017 by Andrew Girdwood from Geek Native

Veteran anime streaming service Crunchyroll has an Amazon Fire TV app. This is a great help to anyone who wants to keep their tablet or phone free while a monitor streams for them. A bug I’ve encountered a few times now is that the queue and history on the ...

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Announcing the Hero's Brew - The Official Podcast of The Tenkar's Tavern Community

Mon 07 August 2017 by Erik Tenkar from Tenkar's Tavern

Here's the link to our opening. If this doesn't tell you the kind of podcast we plan to give to the community, I don't know what does. It really is a podcast for the community. We plan to get y'all involved with the podcast. How? Heh ...

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