RPFaDAY #16 - Best RAW RPG

Wed 16 August 2017 by David Dolph from Big Ball of No Fun

Which RPG do you enjoy using as is? 

RAW (run as written).

There have been many times when I prefer to run a game as written without any homebrew. Often I will be looking to run a certain type of game and I then go looking for which system I think will best do what I am looking for. 

For example, I was looking for a galaxy spanning science-fiction system that was gritty and dangerous.

Automachines in the Underground

Sun 13 August 2017 by Chris McDowall from SoogaGames

Maybe they grew from the Underground's impossible dimensions, maybe they fell into there from our own future creation, or maybe they were planted by Foreign engineers beyond our own.

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Geeks trust their gut instinct more than facts

Mon 07 August 2017 by Andrew Girdwood from Geek Native

What follows is not rigorous science. The sample size is less than 150 people and participation in the survey was incentivised with a chance to win a prize. The headlines today is the claim that Games Workshop is being sued for $62.5m. There’s not much in the way ...

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