Define resources… There are a few games that do a plethora of splatbooks to give you new mechanics or setting material, or reference material. If we’re using that as a metric, there’s no competition: GURPS. What do you want to play? GURPS has a book on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a sourcebook […]

The Verdant Village - A Tale of Bentaven the Bard (The Fourth Tale)

Fri 25 August 2017 by Unknown from Dungeons and Dragons Classics Newest Items

This is the fourth in a series of tales designed to drop into any ongoing game as a short and "fun" diversion from killing goblins (or whatever monster your players have a vendetta for). In this tale the players are hot on the trail of Bentaven, but there are a ...

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Light City - Supersoldat

Mon 21 August 2017 by Justin Isaac from Halls of the Nephilim

I'm about half way through Wolfenstein: The New Order and it's an amazing game. Here's one of the stronger enemies you regularly encounter.


Supersoldat are a bread of super soldiers engineered by General Deathshead. After going through chemical therapy, the subjects bodies are surgically enhanced with ...

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James at Gen Con!

Thu 17 August 2017 by James Introcaso from World Builder Blog

Hey everyone! Just a quick update this week since I’m at Gen Con! But I’m only here for today (Thursday), so I wanted to let you know the best way to find me. My podcast network that I own and run with Rudy Basso, Don’t Split the ...

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Spellcasting Reagents

Mon 07 August 2017 by Unknown from Dungeons & Dragons Classics Newest Items

As the party dumped out the contents of the lich's pouch, they searched greedily for gold and gems. You quietly pocket the slimy odds and ends they cast aside; a withered piece of tongue, a cracked piece of horn, and a large, inhuman eyeball. Spellcasting Reagents are rare materials ...

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Supers-related Videos

Mon 07 August 2017 by Justin Isaac from Halls of the Nephilim

If you stayed through the credits of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 you've heard this song, but oh my the music video is something else. Bautista with wings is my favourite part. Also, it might just be me but this made me think of Alpha Blue.

There are several ...

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