Q. How were the included sites selected?

Sites were collated from the former RPG Blog Alliance site along with a few additions from the currently active RPGBloggers site. Other sites have been added from interesting links I have seen on Google+.

Q. How do I get off the list of curated sites?

You can use the robots exclusion standard to block 'RPGExplorer', which is the name used for pulling feeds. You can also request to be eliminated through the contact form. If using the contact form, please include your site url or site name so it can be matched in the database and eliminated.

Q. How do I add my site?

Send a request via the contact form. The board of reviewers will take a look at the site to ensure it contains primarily tabletop RPG information. If you use a sub-feed for RPG topics, make sure to include the URL in the message. If you want a response, make sure to use a valid email address.

Q. What information is kept?

No information beyond what is present in the RSS feed and article text is retained. RPGExplorer does not support site owner logins, site logos, or any contact information. The site makes use of the Pelican static site generator to generate articles and publish them to the online presence.

The underlying database retains site urls, names, author names, and post contents including but not limited to the summary text and additional text used by the keyword extraction algorithm. The database is not accessible via any internet protocol and does not contain any personal information on the site owner.

Q. How can I inject what Tag keywords are used?

You cannot. That is the point of the site. Useful or not, the origin site cannot specify keywords for tag information. If present in the site feed, that data is ignored in favor of a multi-site approach.

Q. What social media does RPGExplorer use?

Twitter thus far.

Q. What technologies are being used?

The bulk of the site uses Python as the core language. For some data, the Natural Language Toolkit is utilized. Additionally, the free level of service provided by AlchemyAPI is used for keyword, concept, and entity extraction. Elements of the free variant of Word Frequency Data are also being incorporated.