Using Tokens in Your Game Part 1

Mon 28 August 2017 by Jesse Cohoon from Tribality

What do Presto’s magic cap1, “Dollar Bill’s” sword necklace2, Linus’ blanket3, the rogue’s lucky dice, and your lucky rabbit’s foot keychain all have in common? They’re symbols of a characters personality, tokens of who they are, what they stand for, and deeply identified with them. In all of these cases, you never see the character without their token. Given that many characters in your games may have the same set of lock-picks, instrument, or bedroll why not take these items […]

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The Fighter Class, Part Two

Thu 24 August 2017 by Brandes Stoddard from Tribality

After two weeks of other topics and a weekend of GenCon, I’m back this week to continue the History of the Fighter Class. This time we’ll be talking about AD&D 1e, and as I kick off my research, I’m really wondering how much I’ll find ...

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Rotating Rosters, Stables, and the Fabulous Freebirds

Wed 23 August 2017 by Colin McLaughlin from Tribality

A look at running tabletop games with flexible rosters through the lens of professional wrestling teams.

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God Wars – Battle Royale

Tue 22 August 2017 by Michael Long from Tribality

After #GenCon50 we now have a copy of the Gods and Goddesses by Sara & Aaron Hübrich from Jetpack7/Conceptopolis (there is a 5th edition & Pathfinder version). And it is a beautiful book with a listing of 16 fantasy deities, cleric domains, paladin oaths, new spells, and many other useful creatures ...

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Dealing With Difficult Topics in RPGs

Mon 21 August 2017 by Jesse Cohoon from Tribality

(Author’s note: this article will be a bit different than the ones that I have written in the past because it is explicitly aimed at the group dynamic, not the ones running the game per se. Also, please pardon the use of block quotes; I didn’t want to ...

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The Living Preview Part 3 – Character Creation

Fri 18 August 2017 by Guest Author from Tribality

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 This week’s installment covers the character creation process system for The Living. Below you will find a summary of the process, including a sample character creation, and a blank character sheet for further review: CHARACTER SHEETS KICKSTARTER The Kickstarter campaign for The Living ...

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5e Content Strategy: 2017 Update

Thu 17 August 2017 by Brandes Stoddard from Tribality

Just over a year ago, I wrote about the 5e content strategy, discussing the confluence of the DM’s Guild, the OGL, and the incredibly slow rate of official 5e releases. In this article, I’m exploring what we’ve seen from WotC in the past year, including announced but ...

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Final Destination and the Dangers of the Mundane

Wed 16 August 2017 by Colin McLaughlin from Tribality

d20 Modern D&D 3.5e D&D 2e D&D 1e d20 Worlds/Settings Golarion (Pathfinder) Homebrews d20 Modern D&D 3.5e D&D 2e D&D 1e d20 Worlds/Settings Golarion (Pathfinder) Aquatic / Pirate Wuxia / Oriental Adventures When I was out at a restaurant the other day ...

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D&D Beyond Official Digital Toolset Launch

Tue 15 August 2017 by Shawn Ellsworth from Tribality

Curse (the creators of D&D Beyond and a subsidiary of Twitch) have launched the new official toolset for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Here is the press release: Curse Launches an Official Digital Digital Toolset for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Huntsville, Alabama. – August 15, 2017 – This morning, Curse launched D ...

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One Dozen Ways to Make Familiars More Memorable

Mon 14 August 2017 by Jesse Cohoon from Tribality

Before we begin let’s define what a familiar is. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a familiar is: a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person According to the Collins dictionary: an evil spirit constantly attending someone and typically dwelling within an ...

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Residuum and D&D 5th Edition – Enchanting and Disenchanting Magic Items

Sun 13 August 2017 by Shawn Ellsworth from Tribality

Oil, water, gems and metals are some of the most precious resources in our world – creating immense wealth for those who possess them. Crimes are committed, the environment is destroyed and even wars are fought to attain these resources at all costs. In most of  D&D’s fantasy settings ...

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I Was Travelling the Planes and I Found Dragons

Sun 13 August 2017 by Joshua Jackson from Tribality

Hello and welcome to the first planar dragons article. This article is planned as the first of a series. In this post I’m presenting the 5e stats for adamantine dragons. Please leave comments below on how to improve this article and I’ll try to take them on board ...

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Godzilla, Cloverfield, and fighting Kaiju

Wed 09 August 2017 by Colin McLaughlin from Tribality

D&D 5th Edition Pathfinder RPG FATE Savage Worlds Board Games Card & Dice Games d20 Modern D&D 4th Edition D&D 3.5e D&D 2e D&D 1e d20 Miscellaneous Worlds/Settings Forgotten Realms Golarion (Pathfinder) Eberron Dragonlance Greyhawk Ravenloft Dark Sun Nentir Vale Star Frontiers Star Wars ...

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UA: Three-Pillar Experience Breakdown

Tue 08 August 2017 by Brandes Stoddard from Tribality

The August Unearthed Arcana article addresses an alternate approach to awarding experience. In particular, it promises to promote exploration and palaver as primary providers of XP, to keep up with combat. I would love to see polling on the XP systems that each table uses (not counting the Adventurer’s ...

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How to Run a Circus in your Game, Part 4

Mon 07 August 2017 by Jesse Cohoon from Tribality

(Author’s note: unless someone tells me about a subject that I missed, this will be the last article of this series. Also, keep an eye out for the many links in this article. Enjoy!) Last time we talked about events and ways to make a circus more interesting, as ...

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