Session LXXXIX: Emerson, Frank and Tor

Thu 10 August 2017 by bliss_infinte from The Warlock's Home Brew

Having found the green portal which they believed to be the exit, Sir Gwain lead the way to confirm that this was indeed true. Back at the main entrance, they passed through the portal once again and began to retrace their steps, heading deeper into the labyrinth. Down a passage that they had not explored they found an up sloping passage with a door at the end painted with a rams head. The door was stuck and McDagger failed to open the door. Sir Gwain pulled the door open. Suddenly, a heavy cart with an iron rams head sprung from the closet beyond, rolling over and crushing members of the party. Emerson the bard was gravely wounded and was screaming in shock and terror when he discovered that his hand, with which he performs upon his lute, has been shattered.

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