Typically in Dungeon Crawl Classics I'm experiencing the game exclusively from the Judge's (game master's) perspective. Between scheduled events at Gen Con and our regular DCC Road Crew extravaganzas at Phantom of the Attic or the Norwin Game Knights, it's not often that I get to break out my weird dice and enjoy the glorious carnage as one of the peons. I often dream of getting chewed on by demons and tentacled monstrosities, only to wake up to the realization that it's game day, and I'm the one behind the screen. So when we had a few players not show up for this month's Road Crew event, I was incredibly eager to try out Intrigue at the Court of Chaos by +Michael Curtis! First off, this was an adventure that I hadn't read yet, and second, it was being game mastered by my good friend Judge +Michael Bolam. I'm so friggin' glad that we were short on players this month! Just to be clear, this wasn't just one of the best Dungeon Crawl Classics events that I've enjoyed as a player... it may have been one of the best player experiences in any role-playing game.

Living 4 Crits @ Gen Con 50

Tue 22 August 2017 by James Walls from Living for Crits

We left for Gen Con 50 just like last year: in our crimson chariot adorned with nerdy window chalk! We even had a few cars honk and wave on us. Strangely enough, more cars did this on the way back, but maybe that's because we left on Tuesday instead ...

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