RPG Blog Carnival: Eclipse Magic

Sun 20 August 2017 by V. A. from Leicester's Ramble

It's been a few months since I contributed to the RPG Blog Carnival, so here I am... Kobold Press is hosting this month's RPG Blog Carnival, entry, themed 'Magic', with open-ended options on where to explore with the topic. Sooo... I think I'll noodle around on the topic with respect to another another event this month, the August 21 total solar eclipse... Although a lot of the online references/resources talk on the magical elements of eclipses with respect to the wiccan/pagan tradition, I'll leave Timothy Brannan to discourse on that... However, taking a few of the traditional superstitions and themes of the eclipse...  An eclipse is: 1) a focal event, 2) a symbol of compressed time (a day in minutes), 3) an event of reformation/rebirth, and 4) a moment of the Moon suppressing the sun, and I'm not providing many specific mechanics/spells/items, but more of a meditation on the themes and hopefully some seed ideas... Focal Event:  The conjunction of the lunar and solar powers loosen the gateways and wards between planes of existence, and of the elements.

Tomb of the Warrior King (a one-hour map and adventure...)

Sun 13 August 2017 by V. A. from Leicester's Ramble

So I had to send some documents to my stepdaughter back east, and y'know, that envelope felt sadly thin.  So, knowing that she and her boyfriend enjoy various tabletop games (and she's gamed with me in the distant past), I stuffed the envelope with a copy of SWL ...

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