Some time ago, I posted about using patterns from Greek mythology as helpful labels for Hari Ragat. A Hari Ragat GM could run adventures, and players make characters, that were either Herculean, Achillean, or Odyssean in theme. To help HR players and GM’s, and to give you a taste of what the source material is like, here are summaries of three epics with those themes:

Trade Patterns in Hari Ragat

Thu 10 August 2017 by Dariel Quiogue from Hari Ragat Games

I’ll confess: I’ve always wanted to play, or GM, a Sinbad-inspired game of trading on the high seas, but I hate bookkeeping. Now, Hari Ragat is patterned after a setting that was on the Maritime Silk Road, so there will definitely be trading opportunities for the PCs. In ...

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