Thu 24 August 2017 by Jez Gordon from Gibblet Blizzard

ANYWAY. I actually believe that underneath all the shit-talk in the Feral RPG review are some points that are worth addressing and some criticisms or misunderstandings that are worth responding to. To save you the time of reading the shittier aspects of the post, I've waded through it and pulled out the critical points the reviewer was trying to make. Whoever the reviewer is, I actually think you know RPGs quite well and know what you're talking about, and I think the points you're trying to make to RPG creators would be so much more valued and effective if you dropped the trash talk. Try it with your next review, I think if you address these creators who have spent so much of their time and efforts with a little more respect, you'll find your criticisms are better appreciated. Fortunately you've addressed me, and I'm 1) Australian, 2) lived in New Zealand for four years, so everyone mispronounced my name as Jizz Gordon every damn day, 3) a very thick skinned fellow, so I'll try to answer the genuine criticisms that you've buried in amongst a pile of garbage. 1.


Wed 23 August 2017 by Jez Gordon from Gibblet Blizzard

TUESDAY, 2017: Morning: 6.30am. Travel to SYD airport with Benjamin from Syrinscape/Dicestormers. Leave 10.15am. Race each other on seperate planes to LAX. Arrive same day, 7.15am. Lunch: Flight from LAX to IND. Headbangsleep all the way over.

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