You may have heard a thing or two about Fantasy Flight Games creating aStar Wars™: The Roleplaying Game - 30th Anniversary Edition, a reprint of the first two books of the West End Games D6 roleplaying game released in 1987. This game exploded onto the roleplaying game scene, and the easy rules and the melodramatic, fast-action games it encouraged got players excited and salivating for more. Star Wars had waned somewhat by the middle of the 1980s. The last film had been ‘Return of the Jedi’, and there had been nothing huge for a while. With the roleplaying scene at it’s height around this time, it was only natural that a Star Wars roleplaying game would emerge. Back in 2012, we spoke to Greg Costikyan and Bill Slavicsek about the importance of the game. I asked Greg about the how the game was part of the ‘First Ten Years’ celebrations, so that must have put some pressure on.

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Hints & Tips - 7 Tips On Creating Moments Of High Drama

Mon 07 August 2017 by Jonathan Hicks from Farsight Blogger

On the first Monday of every month, read a new hint or tip from Jonathan Hicks, as featured on and available on Kindle as  'The Book of Roleplaying Hints, Tips and Ideas'. It might sound like a bad thing to say, but let's face it, a ...

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