On Elthos Elkron Alignment Correspondences

Thu 24 August 2017 by Vb Wyrde from Elthos RPG

Just a something I felt like talking about on a lark, with my camera settings on "Weird Color" for the fun of it. The discussion has to do with how I use my Elkron Alignment Correspondence system and how it works basically. Impromptu, and a bit scattered, perhaps, but nevertheless does have the basic idea layed out. I hope it will suffice to give people an idea of one of the background concepts

A Bit About The Elkron of Elthos for GMs

Wed 16 August 2017 by Vb Wyrde from Elthos RPG

I have left the Elkron and their workings deliberately vague because I don't want to create too much Setting for the Mythos Machine. The point of the project is to encourage other people to use their own creativity. So the Elkron are there as a framework, more than as ...

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When the Players Don't Show Up

Mon 07 August 2017 by Vb Wyrde from Elthos RPG

I saw a post on quora asking how to handle when players don't show up for your games... here's my reply...

That’s a continuous challenge, isn’t it? I have a couple of thoughts. First you need to figure out why people aren’t showing up. Is ...

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