Sundered Lands 37

Thu 10 August 2017 by Jason GURPS from Dark Paths and Wandered Roads

Fortis considers the potential need to track Rowyn Kellani later and investigates her bed and furniture for hair and skin samples to aid in Seeker spells. Valinya has slipped under the door at the end of the secret hallway but then reappears explaining that it is too dark to see and she does not want to waste any more magic at this time. She waits patiently for Arn to check the door for traps then look at picking the lock. Seeker says, "All right, then. Arn, let's see what's behind that door.” Seeker, Moonscar and Fortis continue their search of the room. The continued search of the room does manage to turn up one more item of interest. Tucked down between the mattress and base of the bed is a small stash of letters tied up with a red ribbon.

Grand Duchy 107

Wed 09 August 2017 by Jason GURPS from Dark Paths and Wandered Roads

Griffin gazes around the cavernous temple room. Draven bends over Iris, her lovely face starting to swell with her wound. Kasiex is up on his feet again, at least. The Hutaakan’s bravery was to be admired, charging in to grapple the mummy in hand-to-hand. Remar studies, working on learning ...

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