Founder's Forum: Stacy's Temporary Absence

Mon 28 August 2017 by Stacy Dellorfano from ConTessa

Hello Everyone,  I sit down to write this letter today with a strong mix of emotions both bad and good. For the last few months, I've been jumping through a whole lot of hoops to identify the source of a lump I found in my left breast. It started out as seemingly nothing - it acted just like a cyst - but became more and more worrisome as I kept getting asked back for more and more tests. The second mammogram and ultrasound I had to take revealed the lymph node in my armpit was swollen and the lump which we thought was nothing was "highly suggestive of malignancy". My doctor began preparing me for the worst even before I went to get a biopsy. I ran Gen Con under the specter of what the results may or may not be and got them minutes after we touched down home in California after the convention. I have breast cancer, and it's metastasized to the nearest lymph node.

A Gen Con-Sized Thank You from ConTessa and the Editor

Sat 26 August 2017 by Emily Danvers from ConTessa

We wanted to take a moment after Gen Con to say the only two words that can come to our brains right now: Thank you. Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much. This was our biggest ConTessa yet and we literally couldn’t have done it ...

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