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Rough Cuts: The random dm’s Random Swords

Jun 7, 2011
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Like many members of the RPGBA, I have been trying to visit and occasionally comment on several fellow alliance member blogs per day. Trying to keep up is difficult. The volume and variety of content is astounding.

One post that caught my eye was from the random dm. The recent posts covered sword construction from hilts, blades and fullers and ornamentation and engravings. The topic was interesting and he’s done a fair amount of research regarding sword construction. Far more than I would have undertaken to generate a few random tables.

The tables he’s produced so far cover a variety of blade features not seen in common random tables for an RPG. The density of the information is a bit overwhelming. Thoughtfully, he cross linked reference sites for the tables to explain the details. Still, there are a few gaps within the information. I stopped short when reading the ornamentation and engraving tables. The tables were cool but the process didn’t include a path for non-adorned swords. A small oversight given the work he’s already undertaken. Within a few days, he’ll probably have the oversight corrected and expand the tables into other options.

Of course, cool but complex random tables occasionally benefit from quick and dirty generators. So I started one based on his sword tables. It needs work. More work than the tables.

Cool stuff, the random dm. Keep it up.

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