FM 999-3 Counter-Zombie Operations

Jun 22, 2011

I do love satire. Today, it came in the form of an Army Field Manual. More specifically, the newly released manual FM 999-3 Counter-Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level. The layout was sufficiently accurate to fool many people who didn’t take time to look at the contents.

FM 999-3

The original link is back in action. I saw has been overwhelmed but is also available on scribd. The manual has been out for several days. I finally saw it today. What a hoot.

Worthy of several chuckles. Well done to the author.

From the manual:

Electronic civilian distribution of this version of the manual is authorized through:

House of Ryoga: Zombie Survival Division

Army Zombie Combat School

Hard copy civilian distribution of this version of the manual is authorized through:
Kevadrin’s Wares

LL Monster Stat Blocks: Brevity Enhancements

Jun 21, 2011
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As I noted yesterday, I was unhappy with the design decision in my hoard generation system. The output of the gems and jewels routines can be excessive. Detailed output is useful for treasure only information. When used in tandem with a far more terse application, such as the Monster Stat block generator, the information is overwhelming.

To alleviate the problem, I re-factored the treasure generation system with a terse option. I initially removed only the detailed gem and jewelry types but individual values were still too long. I settled on a count for both categories and a total value listing.

Currently, only the monster generator uses the terse option but I plan to add terse as an option for both the hoard and treasure book generators. I occasionally like the added detail for inspiration. Usually, I skip past all the details between the count and total value.

The output is far more useful now. Clean. Simple.

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Monster Stat Generator for Labyrinth Lord

Jun 20, 2011

Ever had a project twist and turn while under development? Something you consider brilliant? The once brilliant thought degrades into question of relevance. The Monster Stat Generator is my dilemma.

The original concept was a quick and simple utility — generate short stat blocks for wandering creatures with associated treasure. The implementation was frustrating. Pride and more stubbornness than a mule hell bent on getting back to the barn kept me moving forward. I finally hit the functional level I desired. The design decisions made in my treasure generator need to be fixed. Massive gem and jewellery type outputs are not conducive to this utility.

The original, self induced hallucinations of brilliance are long gone. I doubt its usefulness beyond my own needs. The fanciful ideas wandering about in my head have fallen to the blows of doubt.


Treasure Book Cover Contest: 2 Weeks Left

Jun 16, 2011
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The contest for a cover / cover artwork for my Labyrinth Lord Treasure Book on Demand ends in 2 weeks. $175.00 in prizes are up for grabs. Don’t miss out.

You can see the rules and latest updates on the Goblinoid Games forum topic.

Yesterday, I answered one additional question:

Q: B&W or Color? Which do you prefer? Also, for those of us who might consider doing the full layout for the cover (with illo) could you provide all the necessary copy (working title, author’s name, logos you might use, etc.). Thanks.

A: I lean toward color for cover art. Black and white is fine as well.

Cover Details: The working title is Treasure Book on Demand. The title isn’t very imaginative but it has been the name since the start of the project. Author field is completely optional. My full name is Mark Hassman if you wish to include it. Full covers should include the Labyrinth Lord Compatibility Logo somewhere. I don’t have a quality logo for Mithril and Mages so I’ve chosen not to include one for the cover. (The logo is a project for another day.)

Minor Detail

Due to poor planning on my part, I’ll be unavailable the last week of June. If you have questions, please post them by Thursday, June 23rd. After the 24th, I will not respond to any questions. I return on July 2nd. By then, entries will be closed.


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Cascading Code / Escalating Functionality

Jun 14, 2011
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Last year, I started writing PHP code with a trivial bit of code to roll RPG dice. The functionality aided in the creation of the Labyrinth Lord Treasure Book of the Day. The parsing capability was a foundation I could build upon.

When my interests took a modern twist, I added modern names, business types and job titles. Each built upon public datasets. The individual elements combined into a data cascade resulting in the Zombie D6 Lite Generator. Each generator has become a building block, which I can include in larger projects. Every block adds functionality.

I did not plan the process. Years of being a software engineer prompted me do so. Conscious choice or not, the decision keeps delivering benefits. Now, I’m beginning to integrate a half dozen smaller building blocks into the most complicated utility I’ve written yet. It should be fun.

Most game masters follow a similar path. The tool kit starts small and grows gradually. Once established, the combinations extend and expand upon themselves. Everyone has to place the first block. Who knows where it might lead?

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Labyrinth Lord Resources, Take II

Jun 12, 2011
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The original consolidation of the various Labyrinth Lord resources was well received. The list was a generic blog post; soon eclipsed by other posts. The expanded version has been moved.

The shift allows me to manage the content more effectively. I can also change the appearance of the page independent of the rest of the site, as needed. I appreciate the feedback on the original variant. The current one is far more useful. Errors in the listing are mine. If something is mangled, let me know.

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Labyrinth Lord: Resource List

Jun 9, 2011

For the Labyrinth Lord fans, I have begun to assemble a list of resources. I intend to migrate the data into a simple database. The database will be expanded to allow resources to have descriptions and multiple categorization for entries. The current list is a starting point. I apologize in advance for oversights. If I didn’t include a resource, consider it my failure. The original list had a publisher section. I intend to add it back in but need to determine how to annotate publishers along with a list of products.

Additions, corrections and suggestions are encouraged.

Character Sheets

Dyson’s Folder-Style Character Sheet
Dyson’s Landscape Character Sheet
Form Fillable Character Sheet
PocketMod format Character Sheet
R. Lawrence Blake’s Index Card character sheet

Free Publications

Adventuring Equipment List
Alchemy Ingredients
Back to the Keep’s Monster Matrix
Back to the Keep’s Reference Sheets
Bard Character Class
Dyson’s Dodecahedron
Half Ogre Character Race
Magical Cantrips
Monster Cards
Morale Check’s DM Screen
Monster Listing
Monsters by Region
Pick Pocket List
Snorri’s Creatures from Unknown Lands
Rogues Gallery
Swords Against the Outer Dark’s Labyrinth Lord / Advanced Edition Companion DM Screen
Strange Stones’s DM Screen
The Demons of Adad Untash
Time Tracking Sheet
Treasure Book of the Day
Unique Magical Weapons

Maps and Modules

Burial Mound of Esur the Red (level 2)
Challenge of the Frog Idol
Dyson’s Delve
Fortress on the Ironflow (levels 2-4)
Goblin Gully (level 1)
Lair of the Spider Flayers (variable level)
The Charmed Grotto (levels 5-8)
The Hall of Challenges (Level 5)
The Sewers of Travon (Area 1)
The Tomb of Dûrahn Oakenshield (level 3)

Utilities & Generators

Deck of Many Things
Dungeon Map Creator
Dungeon Vault
Hoard/Treasure Generator
Monster and Treasure Assortments
Monster Listing
Random Dungeon Area
Random Outdoor Area
Spell Book Generator
Spell Scroll Generator
Treasure Book Generator
Treasure Maps