(Labyrinth Lord) Minor Utility Updates

Aug 11, 2011
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I updated the Resource List with several new resources. After doing so, I realized I should keep track of the updates to pimp the new resources. I’ll do better the next time around.

I added a couple of levels to the Labyrinth Lord Monster Stocker. The new levels are NOT based on the cool Oubliette tables noted previously based on the Monster Mark system. Instead, I used gut feeling and the stock LL wandering monster tables as a starting point. NPC’s now have weapon selection but still lack treasure entirely. Finding a balanced approach to NPC treasure has proved more difficult than I thought it would be.

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Oubliette’s Monster Mark Tables + Treasure = Monster Stocker for Labyrinth Lord

Aug 9, 2011

Been a while since I tinkered with generator goodness. Inspired by the Monster Mark tables from Oubliette #6, I started down the path toward what could be considered the monster side of the old Monster & Treasure Assortment books. Djeryv’s excellent version is a more accurate account of the original title .

My version, the Monster Stocker, folds in my treasure routines as well as the minimal monster stat block code I did earlier. The NPC parties need some layout and detail help. I’m still trying to decide what information is necessary in a minimalist manner. I’ll probably add an option to select how many outputs you want and a PDF output option. For now, you get 100 results and are stuck with the AJAX html lists.

If you haven’t snagged a copy of the latest Oubliette, now would be a good time. For about $10.00, you can get the current issue (free through August) and all the back issues. Money well spent.

If you have suggestions, comments, corrections, etc., let me know.

Thoughts of Chaos on a Saturday Afternoon

Aug 6, 2011
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Just a few random thoughts on a random Saturday afternoon.

Humans as Herdbeasts

If I were an invading alien or a madman trying to ensure a massive infection of a new zombie virus, two quick steps will work.

  1. Start at the center of the city. The center isn’t the downtown area. Rather, focus on the center of the transportation system.
  2. Let the media know.

After that, humans will panic. While trying to escape from the city, they will fail, and fail badly. Every direct route from the city will be little more than a massive trail of traffic leading to unavoidable wrecks. Ants are smarter than humans trying to negotiate traffic. At least they don’t try to outsmart, outwit and out drive their fellow citizens in a fruitless manner.

With a minor bit of planning, every direct exit from most cities will be blocked completely. Mass evacuations are not possible. If I were an intelligent alien, I’d then just wait for the inevitable. The livestock humans will turn upon each other. The devastation would be astounding without needing to use any resource other than the one used for initial panic.

For the madman, starting a zombie infection, rely on the media. Give them a few minor bits of information including the origin of the infection. Then watch the traffic cascade in waves of futility trying to get away. The infection doesn’t even have to be real. If you can get at least one station, the rest will rush to judge and fill the airwaves with hypothetical bits sufficient to drive the population into overdrive.

In the end, you have a bunch of cattle following the leader without knowing why. Hysteria will create a human generated corral trapping the majority of the population in the city. After the initial wave, you can either just enslave or bomb the city if you are an alien. The zombie infection will have plenty of people to infect as the infected fan out from the origin of the city.

Makes me wonder if we are not forming the fences to our own demise. Based on evidence from natural disasters, populations will initially be helpful to neighbors and strangers alike. As time wears on, survival kicks in and civilization breaks down. Fun stuff, when you’ve already trapped yourselves in an unsustainable environment. Cities are cool, aren’t they?

Hell, the entire idea would work for an invading army. The U.S. probably has military doctrine to describe it — based on 1960’s population figures. Take out the power grid for a couple of weeks and most modern societies will begin to collapse. Cities are not self-sufficient.

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Show Me Your Dice Entry

Aug 4, 2011

Day late but if I wasn’t I’d be a few dollars short. Between work and a wonderful summer cold I didn’t get around to posting an entry for Tim of Gothbridge Manor’s Show Me Your Dice event. It was a cool idea so better late than never. I don’t have a massive collection. Beyond these, there are a couple of other sets floating around in various locations I didn’t bother to dig out.

Close Up

Storming the Castle

The idea prompted me to start cleaning off the poor castle, towers and walls, which has been buried in a corner for too many years. With the remodelling I have planned, they need to find a new home. Preferably with someone who can adorn them with cool miniatures.

Update: Here’s a pic of the rest of the castle parts. Four large towers, 8 walls, 9 small round towers and the larger castle.

Castle, Walls and Towers


Medieval/Fantasy Name Generator

Aug 2, 2011
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I added an additional utility for the generation of Medieval/Fantasy names. I do not claim it is new or novel. Many similar services allow for more complex selection of names. I needed the data and name database for a different project. The utility was merely an easy way to validate the data and interface.

If you are looking for comprehensive listings, both forename and surname volumes are available on the downloads page under the Namespace section. Alternatively, they are directly linked in the previous post detailing the name supplements.

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Tips for the people not going to GenCon

Jul 28, 2011
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Here are some tips to get you through it without gnashing teeth or resorting to violence.

1) Shower.

Apparently its crucial at a convention. Strangely the general gamer doesn’t bother with it when attending. Like you, I’m curiously confused about that. Don’t most modern humans want to bask in the shower either at the start or the end of the day?

2) Do not be the lead Cow

You may not be distracted by gaming goodness on both the left and the right. Still, pausing in the middle of the road to check out what is happening at the local Hooters or eyeball the tat’s on the biker with art a woman with curious taste in art is not cool. Honestly, just pull over to side of the road and get your gawking on. Some of us will probably rear end you but have the courtesy to move aside so the rest of the idiots can get to work.

3) Keep Dice Handy

There should be a die pouch in ties. At the bare minimum, keep a set in your pocket. When you smash into the car in front of you, keep the option open for rolling for culpability. You don’t see a bearded lady everyday who made a cosplay costume and isn’t at GenCon. Idiot driver.

4) The Rules Lawyer

There is no respite from that guy. He’s at work. He’s at the convention. He’ll be selling slurpees on the Iditarod trail just when you thought you escaped. Worse, he’s going to try to sell you insurance right after you rear-end the guy with a sub zero awareness score. He’ll probably explain how under educated you are regarding his favorite system.

5) His Highness of Hot Air

You cannot escape. His opinions flow like a glacier caught in the middle of global warming. If you try agree, he’ll change flows and argue the other side. While you stand, stupified, his circular arguments will confuse and confound. At some point you will try to escape. He’s heard them all. Fricking anti-charisma. The only hope is an innocent stranger wandering by who hasn’t heard his spiel. You might even work with him. Damn, why didn’t I go to GenCon so I could escape?

6) The Shelter

By now you should have already prepared yourself. RSS filters. Anticon virus projection. It won’t work. Someone you know is going to take a picture of the convention floor carpet. Then send it to you. It’s like the crazy relative sending you jokes. You could work in the Arctic and you’ll still get that picture.

Buckle up. I’ll see you at the bar.

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Masks and Soppets

Jul 26, 2011
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Like many folks, I was sold on the numerous recommendations for Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs from the fine folk at Gnome Stew. I’ve only spent an hour looking through the PDF. I do not claim to have looked at everything in the volume. It is enormous. The quality of the content is excellent. If you occasionally blank on interesting NPC’s, buy Masks. You’ll be happy. I am. I just wish I could have it in a hard cover instead of PDF. From my minimal reading, I already know I’ll use the content for years to come.

Soppet Love. Okay, I admit to being confused. What the heck is a Soppet? Silly old man, it is a sock puppet. Pair a sock puppet with a brilliant idea and you end up with Argyle & Crew from the brilliant mind of Ben over at Troll in the Corner. I kept hearing about it. Finally, I took a look. The concept is amazing and I’m happy to make it the first Kickstarter project I’ve backed. I will be volunteering to watch my nephew and niece so I can give it a whirl.

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