Labyrinth Lord Utilities & Random Generators

Utility Software / Random Generators

Character Generator from Brad Everman
Excellent character generation with PDF output options.
Deck of Many Things from Mithril & Mages
Draw cards from the deck illustrated with a tarot deck from 1910.
Hoard/Treasure Generator from Mithril & Mages
Another take on random hoard generation by treasure class..
Labyrinth Lord™/Mutant Future™ Random Dungeon Generator from Age of Fable
Text only random dungeon materials with plenty of options.
Meatshields! The Classic Fantasy Hireling & Henchmen Generator by kiltedyaksman and cr0m.
This generator is intended for introductory level play using the OD&D, Basic, or 1E gamesystems and their retroclones.
Monster Generator from Mithril & Mages
A utility designed to generate simple module style stat blocks for creatures including number encountered, hit points, and associated treasure. Mostly useful for planning and wandering monsters.
Monster Stocker from Mithril & Mages
Stock a dungeon by level based off the excellent Oubliette Magazine tables.
NPC Generator from Mithril & Mages
Quick and simple NPC Generation based on target NPC level and count.
Random Dungeon Generator for LL/MF from Age of Fable
Textual random dungeon generator featuring multiple selectable options.
Risus Monkey Random Dungeon Map featuring Risus Monkey
Similar to the Dyson variant but featuring the cool art of Risus Monkey
Spell Book Generator from Mithril & Mages
Random spell book generator covering all spell casters.
Spell Scroll Generator from Mithril & Mages
A quick and dirty spell scroll generator.
Treasure Book on Demand from Mithril & Mages
Produces a PDF covering all hoard classes. Users may adjust the number of results to fit specific needs.