Labyrinth Lord Supplements & Expansions

Supplements, References & Expansions

Advanced Edition Companion DM Screen from Swords Against the Outer Dark
A dungeon master’s screen designed for use with the Advanced Edition Companion.
Archer from Barrel Rider Games
You don’t have to mix it up in melee to be deadly! With the Archer you’ll defeat your foes before they ever have a chance to raise their axe! This 20 level class for Labyrinth Lord (and other old-school fantasy role-playing games) will bring new dimension to your game!
All the Treasures of the World: GEMS from Faster Monkey Games
Diamonds can be your best friend. So pretty, so much easier to carry than hundreds of heavy coins, and everybody wants to trade for them. Same goes for rubies, sapphires, and emeralds too, not to mention the over 100 other types of valuable stones detailed in this exhaustive 12-page supplement for any game. GEMS, the first All the Treasures of the World resource kit from Faster Monkey Games, details everything from shiny quartz pebbles you might trade for a beer to enormous star sapphires worth a king’s ransom.
All the Treasures of the World: JEWELS from Faster Monkey Games
Impress the barmaid when you casually lay your hand on the bar and your massive gold ring catches the torchlight. Command respect from shopkeepers as your half-dozen silver armbands advertise your wealth. Gain an audience with the Baron when they notice your bronze medal of valor from the hand of the King himself. Everyone who’s anyone wears jewels, from the mightiest ruler with his crown of nineteen rubies to a shaman with his amulets of bone; from to the roughest adventurer sporting his fortune in platinum rings and diamond buckles to the simplest goodwife who would never be seen in temple without her grandmother’s earrings. Plain or expertly wrought, of polished stone or tin or electrum, tiny studs or massive chest-plates crusted with gems: all these and thousands more fabulous items await.
An Echo, Resounding: A Sourcebook for Lordship and War from Sine Nomine
In this Labyrinth Lord-compatible guidebook you’ll learn the arts of war and kingly rule in the untamed borderlands. Referees will find all the tools they need to build a savage land of adventure and bloody struggle, carving the foundations of empire into the very bones of their campaign. Players will find new talents as Champions of their lands, fighting for a noble cause or struggling to establish a beacon of light in the wilderness. And together, both will find new tools for domain management to bring the red-edged games of kings and princes within the grasp of fiercer souls!
Bag of Beads available from Rended Press
The Bag of Beads is a small magical leather pouch, tied closed with draw strings. To use the item, a person need only open the bag, reach in and pull out the glass bead inside and break it on the ground. What happens next is up to chance and fate as each bead drawn and broken will create a random effect. Only one bead can be drawn at a time.The Bag of Beads is a community project done by various members of the forums.
Black Streams – The Pacts of the Wise from Sine Nomine
Sorcerers often make promises they find difficult to keep. In the Pacts of the Wise, a Labyrinth Lord will find six sinister bargains suitable for PC and NPC wizards alike, each one offering advantages to the canny arcanist in exchange for the mildest of services. Any might tempt the prudence of a bold young adventurer, but will the wizard find it quite so fine a bargain when his patron’s price come due?
Carousing Table from The City of Iron
Classes of the Far East from Sacrosanct Games
Always had the itch to play your favorite ninja class and couldn’t find one anywhere? Well, itch no further. Sacrosanct Games is proud to present you will full color illustrated write-ups for Labyrinth Lord™ compatible samurai, ninja, mahoutsukai, monk, and demi-human yokai classes.
Cosmic Sacrifices Table from The City of Iron
Creatures from Unknown Lands from A Wizard in a Bottle
This supplement includes more than 140 creatures for your Labyrinth Lord™ campaign, or for any game compatible with the classics of our hobby. 34 page PDF.
Delving Deeper – Bard from Brave Halfling Publishing
In many ways, the bard can be seen as an ideal adventurer – a little like a fighter, magic-user, historian and sage – but a master of none. Above all, bards are artists and entertainers. Some memorize and recite ancient tales of glory and defeat. Some are proficient thespians who act out folk tales and morality plays. Others become master musicians or singers…
Delving Deeper – Monk from Brave Halfling Publishing
Monastic humans who hone their bodies through rigid discipline and devotion to the Martial arts, monks are mystics who devote their lives to mastery of mind and body. Self-denial, poverty, meditation and unarmed combat are used as tools to achieve enlightenment. They journey into the world with the goal of personal growth and a spiritual understanding of human nature. They often join with adventurers, as these special people expose them to a wide range of experiences, and give them ample opportunity to grow, learn, and hone their abilities. Being an adventurer also allows a monk to help the needy and his order through the wealth he will have access to; few monastics will donate wealth as readily as an adventuring monk. The monk is a Martial arts expert and seeker of enlightenment who travels the world to learn more about himself and to perfect his self-discipline.
Delving Deeper – Optional Human Classes from Brave Halfling Publishing
The bard is a jack-of-all-trades – combining the skills of fighter, magic-user, historian, and sage – but master of none. Monks are monastic humans who hone their bodies through rigid discipline and devotion to the martial arts, monks are mystics who devote their lives to mastery of mind and body. Paladins are holy warriors who dedicate all they have and all they are to living, supporting and defending all that is lawful and good. Rangers are masters of the outdoors, patrolling and protecting large stretches of wilderness and acting as the first line of defense for more civilized and settled areas. Thief-Acrobats use their brains and skills to outwit and out-maneuver their opponents. You take that which others wish to keep, you go where others may not enter. You are a shadow, a rumor, a whisper in the night.
Delving Deeper – Paladin from Brave Halfling Publishing
Paladins are a very rare type of fighter. These holy warriors dedicate all they have and all they are to living, supporting and defending all that is lawful and good. A paladin may serve one particular god, a pantheon of gods, or just the ideals of law and good. Many are part of a religious order of paladins that live and train in an almost monastic community. Other paladins are much more loosely affiliated, mentoring potential recruits individually and only gathering together when occasion calls for it…
Delving Deeper – Ranger from Brave Halfling Publishing
Rangers are a sub-class of the fighter. They are masters of the outdoors, patrolling and protecting large stretches of wilderness from evil humanoids and monsters. Rangers often take on the role of spy, scout and the first line of defense for more civilized and settled areas. They are well-versed in combat and survival in wilderness settings…
Delving Deeper – Skill Systems from Brave Halfling Publishing
In this Issue of Delving Deeper you will find three different Skill Systems to use in you Labyrinth Lord™ and other Basic Edition rpgs. The systems have been designed using existing mechanics so that they will fit seamlessly into your current gaming, offering the least interference and most potential gain, without disrupting the feel.
Delving Deeper – Valtor the Mighty from Brave Halfling Publishing
Valtor is a god who enjoys the good things in life like hard work, a good meal and friends. It is only when threats emerge that he aggressively attacks. Valtor’s clerics share his love for life and are often found in communities of all sizes, training the young to fight and sharing in the most difficult work as well as every local celebration… In in this issue of Delving Deeper, you will find a description of the major god, Valtor the Mighty, his faith’s essential teachings, the daily duties of his clergy, the five most common ceremonies of Valtor, six custom cleric spells for his clergy (including both Labyrinth Lord™ and OSRIC versions!) and one minor artifact of the faith. And of course, all with great “Old School Art” by Andy “Atom” Taylor!
DM Screen from Morale Check
A three page dungeon master’s screen listing key tables.
DM Screen from Strange Stones
A three page DM screen in PDF format.
Dogs in the Dungeon from Goblinoid Games
This article presents new optional rules for using dogs in the dungeon as useful companions for the Labyrinth Lord™ rules set, and is usable with other basic or advanced FRPGs. In addition to new rules for using dogs, new war dogs, scenthounds, waterhounds, sighthounds, and two new exotic dog types are detailed to add variety to the kinds of dogs that may be employed by PCs.
Esoteric Equipment & Urban Activies from The City of Iron
Items and activities available in larger cities
Dungeon Time Tracker (A4 Format) from The Warlock’s Homebrew
Timekeeping during dungeon exploration is a crucial component for any game session and it’s up to the DM to note this detail. Time keeping is important in knowing when to roll for wandering monsters, how long a spell may last as well as the use of torches, lanterns and other PC resources. This gaming aid will help the DM keep track of rounds, turns and monsters encountered during a game session. It’s based on my Campaign Journal gaming aid but has been simplified just for time keeping during dungeon exploration.
Dyson’s Dodecahedron from Dyson Logos
Dyson’s Dodecahedron is an RPG zine published irregularly. The material targets the old 1981-era B/X rules and by extension, Labyrinth Lord™.
Elementalist Class from The City of Iron
Expanded Thief Class from The City of Iron
Fey Class from The City of Iron
Ghoul Keep from Small Niche Games
Ghoul Keep and the Ghoul Lands is a sandbox mini-setting supplement for the Labyrinth Lord™ RPG that details an isolated kingdom located north of the Duchy of Valnwall. The people of the Ghoul Lands are ruled by the Ghoul King Lorrgan Makaar, a powerful undead creature who has slowly amassed an army of undead to invade the living lands in the south.
Halflings – Tales from the Fireside from Barrel Rider Games
Halflings are often regarded as lazy, boring busybodies by the rest of the world. But inside those bodies beats a heart of fire! In Halflings: Tales from the Fireside you’ll get a look inside halfling culture and society as well as learning new options for your halfling character. While this supplement is specifically designed for use with the Labyrinth Lord role-playing game, it can easily be adapted to any old-school fantasy game with minimal effort!
Half-Elf from Barrel Rider Games
Just because you’re a half-elf doesn’t mean you have to get the short end of the stick! With Half-Elf you’ll get a 15-level class for Labyrinth Lord and other old-school fantasy role-playing games! A touch of charm, a bit of wit, and a sword are all you need when you’re a half-elf!
Hoard Class Conversion Chart from The Lands of Ara
Details conversion of Labyrinth Lord™ Hoard Classes to AD&D and B/X Treasure Types. Quite handy when using original materials in a campaign.
Labyrinth Minions from Lord Kilgore
Attempting to employ hirelings for labyrinth exploration consists of two parts: 1) Finding adventurous types willing to enter the mythical underworld for pay, and 2) Determining what sort of duties they’re able to perform. Check out the Record Sheet as well.
Magical Research Table from The City of Iron
Monster Cards from Dragonsfoot
A handy set of creature cards for Basic & Classic D&D. Four sets of cards are available in PDF format: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, & Set 4
Necromancer Class from The City of Iron
Pick Pocket Results Chart from City of Iron
Updated version of the pick-pocket results with items and failure results.
Roll To Advance from Lord Kilgore
A quick and easy alternative experience and advancement system
Swashbuckler from Barrel Rider Games
Just because you’re crawling through a dungeon, doesn’t mean you can’t have style! With the 20 level Swashbuckler class you’ll bring a dashing swordsman to even the darkest dungeons of your Labyrinth Lord or other old-school fantasy role-playing games!
Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque from Jack W. Shear
An introduction to Gothic Fantasy spanning 116 pages including Jack’s campaign setting, three new classes compatible with the AEC, house rules, 44 monsters, 26 spells, 7 magic items, and numerous random tables.
Treasure Book of the Day from Mithril & Mages
Booklet of randomly generated treasures covering all hoard classes. Updated daily.
Turn Tracker from Morale Check
Turn tracker for use in Labyrinth Lord™ or other game systems.