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Twenty Eleven Recap – #8 Eight Labyrinth Lords A Leaping

Dec 23, 2011
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Okay, okay, they aren’t leaping. They are generating random stuff.

9 months elapsed for the site. 8 different Labyrinth Lord based generators. I’ve exhausted my ideas for new ones for the system but continue to improve them. Rather than list them yet again, you can check the Generator & Utility Menu or read a description of what is available. (The latter didn’t link the Treasure Book of the Day — updated daily).

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Twenty Eleven Recap: #11 – Top Blog Post

Dec 20, 2011
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My most popular post of the year was the review of ROTWORLD. The post ROTWORLD – Gut Reaction happened to be the first review of the system. I didn’t even consider it a proper review — just a semi-organized impression of the system after reading it quickly.

The runner up was my introduction of the Labyrinth Lord Resource List. Compared to the current list, the original post was very sparse. The current list spans 5 different pages including everything mentioned in the 4th runner up post, 60+ Labyrinth Lord Modules.

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Less is More

Dec 18, 2011
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A common complaint about the original list of resources for Labyrinth Lord was it was presented as a wall of text. The list went on and on. The layout didn’t make it easy to find specific items and was difficult to just browse through.

The list was broken into individual pages with specific categories of links a while back. Doing so helped but the list of modules was still huge. To rectify the situation, I rolled out a page layout without the sidebar, which allows for significantly more screen real-estate. I then migrated the module information into a simple table with brief descriptions. Adding sorting capability improved navigation so readers could quickly drill down to elements of interest.

The initial descriptions were very terse; they did not provide enough detail. Still, inserting the original verbosity was not a good solution. Ideally, full descriptions should be available but hidden unless desired.

Enter jQuery and More/Less hidden element expansion. Getting it working was a challenge. Use inside of WordPress is slightly different than on static pages. After a while of struggling, the final solution was a trivial bit of javascript. The new format for the Labyrinth Lord Module List is a significant improvement.


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Marginal Success: Sortable List of Labyrinth Lord Modules

Dec 14, 2011

My plans are generally better in theory than in reality. Still, I managed to make a sortable table of Labyrinth Lord Modules happen. It’s a test page.

The user-experience is limited. Nothing indicates the table elements are sortable but if you take the time to click on the table headers, it does actually sort. At least it does via my limited testing.

Go poke it in the eye. Tell me how it fails. You can even gripe about the lack of sortability indication. I’ll get there but my skills are limited. One step at a time. Until I fall off the edge of the earth.

Good thing Grandma couldn’t hear me talking tonight. The swear jar would be quite full.

LL Monster Stocker Updated with Oubliette #7 Goodness

Dec 1, 2011

Monster Stocker . Oubliette #7. Do you need to know more? It’s the Monster Mark table update. Good stuff.


Oubliette Issue #7 Released – Free for now

Dec 1, 2011
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Issue 7 of Oubliette Magazine has just been released.

For a limited time it is available as a FREE PDF download at RPGNow

Luckily, it includes a continuation of the Monster Mark tables from Issue #6. Time to update my associated utility.


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60+ Modules and Settings for Labyrinth Lord

Nov 25, 2011
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Thanks to the power posting of Colin of Radioactive Ape Designs my Labyrinth Lord Resource List topped over 60 settings and modules. Such a list can never be complete. Many thanks Colin for the input on the listing. Thanks to all the authors, publishers, editors and artists for putting out such a volume of work.

Modules and Settings

A Promise of Vengeance Fulfilled from R.Lawrence Blake
An evil warlord, facing betrayal from his own family, swore revenge with his dying breath. Ten years later, his vengeance has come to pass with the murder of one and the promise of more death to follow. Has the warlord raised from a decade of unrest to fulfill his bloodthirsty oath? Can the characters stop him before more fall prey to his vengeance? A Promise of Vengeance Fulfilled is a dangerous dungeon crawl for character levels 5-7. For use with the Labyrinth Lord rules or other BASIC/EXPERT rpg systems.
Anomalous Subsurface Environment from Henchman Abuse
Put those dark elves back in their box and get your gonzo on! Riches, glory, and super-science await the bold and the clever in the deep places under the ground. This module describes the dinosaur- and wizard-infested future of the Earth, the city of Denethix, and the first level of the megadungeon that beckons from below.
Assault of the Mushroom-Men from Labyrinthine Lore
A cavernous encounter with creatures that just keep coming!
Atarin’s Delve from Small Niche Games
Atarin’s Delve is a short, site-based Labyrinth LordTM adventure designed for 4-6 characters of 1st-3rd level (about 8-10 levels total). The adventure takes place in a cave system that was once sacred to a humanoid race known as the cathla, but has now been taken over by a cult of the water goddess Makil from the Chronicles of Amherth setting. The adventure includes a mixture of problem solving, roleplaying, and dungeon exploration.
Blackmarsh from Bat in the Attic
In the days when man knew only the working of stone and fought for their existence against the orc and the goblin, the sky turned to ash and down fell the fiery mountain onto the land. The world tore open and the grey waters rushed in. Those who survived the impact were lost as boiling clouds rushed out in all directions leaving a wasteland in its wake.
Blood Moon Rising from Small Niche Games
Garanton is a village like any other, except for five days out of the year when it hosts the Feast of St. Garan. During this time, fighters from abroad come to join in the revelry, mingle with other adventurers, and win fame and fortune fighting in the daily games. But all is not well in Garanton this year. Cruel orcs prowl the forest, dark wizards cast webs of treachery and deceit, and bat-winged demons fill the moonlit sky. Does your party have what it takes to ward off this evil before it consumes the entire town? Designed for 3-6 characters of 1st through 3rd level, the adventure is set in and around the village of Garanton and involves a mixture of wilderness, dungeon, and urban encounters.

Burial Mound of Esur the Red from Dyson Logos
Character Level: 2
In order to defeat a great evil that haunts the land, or to fend off invading armies, or a similar task of heroes, the characters have to find the Ring of Esur the Red.
Challenge of the Frog Idol from Dyson Logos
Character Level: 3-6
An adventure aimed towards clever Labyrinth Lord characters of levels 3-6. The encounters may be a bit rough (didn’t get much playtest time in on this, being that it was a throw-together for a challenge), and the treasures are fairly skimpy.
Come Hell or High Water from Knightvision Games
“What evil machinations lie hidden in the flooded depths of ancient Kharnos Dzin? Whispers in the dark summon the uninitiated…as evil brews beneath the surface of a dead city. Great rewards lie in store, but will adventurers find more then they had bargained for?” Come Hell or High Water is a Labyrinth Lord and AEC compatible adventure designed for 1st and 2nd level characters. Set in the upcoming Ebonyr campaign setting, it can also fit into any generic RPG world. The adventure combines urban, underwater and classic dungeon crawl material.
Curse of the Crosskey from Knightvision Games
The Western Star, sailing on a clear sea, is suddenly caught in a mysterious storm appearing out of the blue. Skies darken as fierce wind and driving rain lash at the ship, sending it crashing upon the shore of Crosskey Island. Those fortunate souls that survive must find rescue before their supply of food and water run out. Some of the passengers seem to have plans of their own. Will the “Curse of Crosskey” finally be revealed?

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