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Tweak and Tune: Labyrinth Lord Generators

May 15, 2012
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As with all random generation systems, there are details which result that you just are not happy with. Tonight a few defective elements were tackled. #1 on the list was the Monster Stocker. Inline treasure generation was changed to be optional rather than assumed. Treasure should be a function of the situation not just implied by the default Hoard Class.

Next on the list was the over zealous approach to magical equipment for Non-Player Characters. The NPC code is utilized not only by the Monster Stocker but also by the NPC Generator. The original code used a fixed constant as a multiplier based on character level. The result was a lot of magic in far too many results. The replacement is an exponential function to significantly increase the odds high level NPCs have magic while eliminating many spurious results for lower levels. Additionally, the average magical bonus for equipment was changed to be more inline with charts.

Overall, the changes create far more useful results. The DM can always tweak up as desired but constant need for reduction was annoying. Erring on the low side is far more useful than being prolific.


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Do You Want to Play in Garbage?

May 9, 2012

I ripped off that intro to announce that Dylan Hartwell’s latest Labyrinth Lord™ module has been added to the ever expanding list of available modules. Dylan’s latest incarnation is completely different than what you would expect in a traditional setting and adventure. I’ll let it speak for itself.

The Horrendous Heap of Sixteen Cities!

Extending above a haze of reeking steam rise sixteen peaks of garbage magically transported from sixteen different cities. It spreads, like an ever-growing fungus, across the landscape, encompassing and corrupting nearly fifty square miles. Hideous flies, crows, and vultures circle the piles, perpetually avoiding garbage falling from magical portals thousands of feet in the air. Giant rats, skunks, maggots, and other manner of repugnant beasts scuttle about the surface, surviving off the offal. Underneath, giant worms crawl through the debris. Periodic explosions reform the horizon. Some cultures call it “Sheoal”, others “Kol Katta”. All, however, use the common vernacular “The Heap”. And everywhere its name is synonymous with “Hell”.

THE HORRENDOUS HEAP OF SIXTEEN CITIES! is a sandbox fantasy adventure. Contained within are original and terrifying monsters, maps of The Heap, and multiple adventures for months of play.

17 New Monsters
3 Maps
5 Detailed Non-Player Characters
More than 25 Original Illustrations
7 Plot Hooks

The Horrendous Heap is available now on RPGNow.

Namespace: Wild West Names

May 1, 2012
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The third Namespace volume was released on DriveThruRPG today. Wild West Names contains over one thousand male, one thousand female, and ten thousand surnames collated from 1860 to 1890 United States sources. The sixty page PDF provides pure names like the other Namespace editions and is priced at $0.89.

The price for Given Names from Medieval and Ancient Times and Surnames from Medieval and Ancient Times returned to non-sale pricing of $0.99 and 0.89 respectively. Alternatively, the Medieval volumes can be purchased as a bundle for $1.58.

Sales since the launch of the products have surpassed expectations including twenty two copies of the bundled volumes, ten copies of given names, and eight individual sales of surnames. The sales were sufficient to load up on some stock art to adorn the interior pages of the secret project for June.

Finally, the free Treasure Book on Demand was downloaded 185 times, dwarfing the for sale products. The book has always been free and will remain so. The release was intended to raise awareness of the Labyrinth Lord™ utilities available from Mithril & Mages to an audience who may not have seen them. Finally, TBoD was the only product to be rated and was pegged at 5 stars.

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Experimenting: Free for Free — Product Publicity

Apr 17, 2012
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A few days ago, I launched a product experiment by releasing the Medieval Names books for sale on DriveThruRPG. Once I’d figured out the process, I bundled both books for $0.98 and priced the individual titles at $0.59. Similar products provide far fewer names for more money. The response was quite positive. I’m not going to get rich but I’ll have a few extra bucks to spend on gaming materials.

Yesterday, I published the Labyrinth Lord Treasure Book on Demand as a free product. Based on feedback from the original consumers and posts on other sites, the TBoD is useful to many people. The book is neither pretty or ground breaking. Simply put, it contains treasure lists for the time challenged game master.

So why release it as a free product on a commercial site?

Two reasons – 1) I suck at marketing and 2) links from others confirm my ineptitude. The latter comments have included such gems as “great stuff but the guy doesn’t post anywhere – we need to get the word out”. I cannot disagree. I feel completely uncomfortable visiting sites only to promote what I’ve done. The entire idea of starting an account for the sole purpose of self promotion makes me shudder. I have the same feelings on social media sites. Those I use to connect with other like minded individuals — not spam them with my latest and greatest thought.

Tossing a free product onto a commercial site full of cool titles is likely to get lost in the noise, right? Not to mention its from a completely unknown “publisher” of gaming products. I trusted DriveThru to provide marketing. My trust was not misplaced. In fact, I had to start filtering sales notifications.

Bat Guano Crazy

Granted, these are free product notifications. My best day of hits on the same generation system is far less than the sales in a single day. I’ve long known Mithril & Mages was not known by the majority of the Labyrinth Lord community. The magnitude of the difference is shocking.

Oh yeah, those free books? They are marked page by page with the web address. I might still suck at the marketing front but a few more folks know about me.

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LL Resources Update

Apr 11, 2012
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Cool new stuff. If you enjoy Gothic fantasy, this addition is for you.

Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque from Jack W. Shear
An introduction to Gothic Fantasy spanning 116 pages including Jack’s campaign setting, three new classes compatible with the AEC, house rules, 44 monsters, 26 spells, 7 magic items, and numerous random tables.

Tales could have went in a number of different places but landed in the Supplements section since I had to choose.

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G+ Hangout Gaming – A First Experience

Apr 2, 2012
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For the past few months, I’ve been meaning to join a G+ Hangout game just to try it out. Last week, I finally managed to find one that fit my schedule and interests. The game premise was a Middle Earth game utilizing Labyrinth Lord rules. Although I was familiar with both the setting and the underlying system, I didn’t know anyone in the group planning to play. Rather than ponder joining and missing another opportunity, I just made the jump to asking to be included.

Scott, the Labyrinth Lord, allowed me to play one of the NPC’s he was going to use as group filler since I was a last minute addition. My character was Dark Thom, a hobbit (halfling) thief with dubious hygiene habits and a shady set of morals. He’s not particularly skilled either; much like most first level Labyrinth Lord characters.

When the game started, I underwent a couple of technology related glitches. Linux and Hangouts are compatible when the stars align. However, I could see but couldn’t hear or speak. Rather than fiddle around trying to solve the issue, I just grabbed another laptop and used Windows for the session. Even that required adjusting input device settings. Quickly fixed but in the rush, I managed to leave my dice lying elsewhere so I used my online dice roller when needed.

I’m a bit of an introvert in new groups and settings. I need some time to determine how and where I fit in any new group. That quickly passed in the game. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. In fact, I questioned why I hadn’t jumped into more games in the past.

The game itself was quite fun. Took a bit to get rolling, as all 1st sessions tend to do. Once we accepted the introductory plot hook, the group was off to investigate orc sightings in the area. No character deaths this time around but there was one close call.

Next session is next week and I’ll be there. If you are wary of jumping into a Hangout game, my advice is to take the plunge. Hiccups may happen. Nobody worried about those.

I think one of the prototype hangout apps would add to the experience. However, the raw hangout system worked just fine with five people. Video was reasonable. Audio was glitch free.

If you haven’t tried it yet, go for it.

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New Stuff from Barrel Rider Games

Apr 1, 2012
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Archer from Barrel Rider Games
You don’t have to mix it up in melee to be deadly! With the Archer you’ll defeat your foes before they ever have a chance to raise their axe! This 20 level class for Labyrinth Lord (and other old-school fantasy role-playing games) will bring new dimension to your game!
Halflings – Tales from the Fireside from Barrel Rider Games
Halflings are often regarded as lazy, boring busybodies by the rest of the world. But inside those bodies beats a heart of fire! In Halflings: Tales from the Fireside you’ll get a look inside halfling culture and society as well as learning new options for your halfling character. While this supplement is specifically designed for use with the Labyrinth Lord role-playing game, it can easily be adapted to any old-school fantasy game with minimal effort!
Half-Elf from Barrel Rider Games
Just because you’re a half-elf doesn’t mean you have to get the short end of the stick! With Half-Elf you’ll get a 15-level class for Labyrinth Lord and other old-school fantasy role-playing games! A touch of charm, a bit of wit, and a sword are all you need when you’re a half-elf!
Archer from Barrel Rider Games
You don’t have to mix it up in melee to be deadly! With the Archer you’ll defeat your foes before they ever have a chance to raise their axe! This 20 level class for Labyrinth Lord (and other old-school fantasy role-playing games) will bring new dimension to your game!

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