2012 DriveThru/RPGNow Sales Report

Jan 1, 2013
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The first products of Mithril & Mages were launched in April 2012. Over the last 8 months, a total of 779 products were delivered across the various OneBookShelf websites. Of those, 612 were freebies — 375 copies of zero cost products plus 237 promotional copies of for-profit works. The bulk of the promotional copies were delivered as part of the Indie+2 promotional bundle. Eliminating all the free deliveries, 167 products were sold for net-revenue of $73.10.

Overall Sales Information
Product Sales Freebies Gross Sales Net Revenue
Namespace: Medieval Forenames 187 117 $46.38 $30.15
Namespace: Medieval Surnames 62 3 33.52 21.79
Namespace: Wild West Names 155 117 32.55 21.16
Treasure Book on Demand (LL) 375 375 0.00 0.00
779 612 $112.45 $73.10

Many publishers also use the page view / sale metric provided by OneBookShelf.com as indicators of how their products are doing. All of the Mithril & Mages products are red — indicating the conversion rate is low. This meets expectations given the low amount of effort and expenditure on marketing, layout and cover design. Additionally, raw name lists are a very small market.

Page Views / Sale
Product Page Views Sales/Visit
Namespace: Medieval Forenames 6985 99.8
Namespace: Medieval Surnames 4717 81.3
Namespace: Wild West Names 4583 120.6

The product sales are spent on other RPG products. In fact, I spent more on games than I earned from sales. I do not expect that to change in 2013.

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