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Dec 5, 2012
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BareBones Generators

I’ve been working on prototyping some generators for the BareBones folks. Initially Larry wanted the Random Dungeon Generator coded but I went afield and started on the NPC and Adventure Idea ones instead. The RDG is in progress but I want to try something entirely different with it. Neither of the completed efforts show up in any menu because these are the very first generators I’m writing to deliver for a game publisher. My opinion is that utility apps should be hosted by the game creators. This first collaboration will test that theory.

Other Stuff

I had a string of requests in late November. Added to the TODO list in no particular order are AD&D 1E Character Generation, Tweak the Labyrinth Lord Treasure system to do specific item types, Boat/Ship names, and a few minor improvements to other existing things. All worthy ideas but my whimsical coding patterns can provide not real dates of when they will get accomplished.

I also have to complete an article for the BareBones magazine along with the associated generator. I thought it might get finished while eating turkey but it as not to be. The article is on my failure list and needs serious attention in the near future.


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