User Feedback Rocks!

Sep 5, 2012
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This post is brought to you by my new friends Greg and Gregory. Two Gregs in one week is awesome in and of itself.

Greg #1 dropped me a line to say how useful the various Labyrinth Lord utilities were for tossing together an adventure. Greg’s returning to gaming due to the request of his wife to play D&D. She’s never played and he picked Labyrinth Lord as an introductory system. Greg comes from the Red & Blue era. He’s made an excellent choice of modern systems to introduce D&D to his wife. Hopefully, she’ll soon join us in the fantastic, chaotic realm of RPG enjoyment.

Greg #2, aka Gregory, sent in a feature request. He asked that I include an option in the 1E Treasure Generator to generate gems and jewelry independently of treasure type. The suggestion made complete sense. I already broke out many different elements so why not gems & jewels? Quality requests require a quality response. The feature is now included. In return, Gregory asked what he could do for me. He offered to promote the site. I countered with him buying me a beer. He won by promoting Mithril & Mages on two separate sites. Now I need to buy him a beer.

Receiving feedback from visitors energizes me to continue to improve. No matter if it is a bug report, feature request, or just a quick word of thanks/commentary.

Cheers to Greg and Gregory. May all your games be epic and the dice roll in your favor.


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