LL Resources Updated: Black Streams – The Pacts of the Wise

Jul 26, 2012
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The Pacts of the Wise

Pacts of the Wise

From Sine Nomine publishing, Black Streams – The Pacts of the Wise was recently released for free. Interacting with sorcerers can be a dangerous gamble.

Sorcerers often make promises they find difficult to keep. In the Pacts of the Wise, a Labyrinth Lord will find six sinister bargains suitable for PC and NPC wizards alike, each one offering advantages to the canny arcanist in exchange for the mildest of services. Any might tempt the prudence of a bold young adventurer, but will the wizard find it quite so fine a bargain when his patron’s price come due?

While the Pacts of the Wise fits with the sorceries revealed in the Crimson Pandect and is set within the world of the Red Tide Campaign Setting and Sandbox Toolkit, the contents are perfectly usable with any old-school gaming system. You’ll find the patrons, magic items, and plot seeds for each occult devotion, all free for the taking for your own campaign!

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